Seminars ”Understanding of the main issues of EU policies toward Moldova”

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Date:     1th and 2th of June  - from 11:00 AM to 17:00 PM

              3th and 4th of June  - from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM

              7th and 8th of June  - from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM

              9th and 10th of June  - from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM


  • Cahul/1th and 2th of June
  • Chisinau/3th and 4th of June
  • Comrat/7th and 8th of June
  • Balti/9th and 10th of June
  • Zoom

Application Deadline: 31th of May 2021

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Seminars are organized taking into account the insufficient understanding, information and support activities for interested participants concerning the EU policies towards Moldova with the focus on agriculture and rural development aspects as well.


1) To foster and strengthen understanding and awareness of university students, researchers from local and rural areas on the European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership, EU-Moldova Association Agreement, with the emphasis on agriculture and rural development policies ;

2) To inform and raise awareness of representatives of the students associations, youth, young leaders, non-governmental organizations on regional and local levels on the importance of the European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership for the development of the country and to promote their engagement in the policy dialogue in their local communities.

For additional information please see agenda

Working language: Romanian, Russian, English

Who can participate?

Each seminar will bring together at least 30 interested participants, including 2 non-local contributors.

For additional information, please email at

For more details about the project Nr. 610667-PPE-1-2019-1-MDEPPJMO-PROIECT: Fostering European Integration of the Republic of Moldova with the specific accent on the agriculture sector,  please visit the web site:

This event is organized by State Agrarian University of Moldova.

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