HERA 2022 International Grants Competition for Women - HERA 2022 Competitia Internationala de Granturi pentru Femei

HERA 2022 International Grants Competition

Creating Opportunities for Young Women Entrepreneurs to Promote Economic Resilience

HERA France and USA announce our 13th International Grants Competition for women entrepreneurs from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Any woman entrepreneur from one of these four countries, may apply for funding to buy equipment or to support other capital development costs. Any previous Ukrainian HERA grantee seeking to restart her venture in another locale in or outside Ukraine may also apply this year.

The entrepreneur must demonstrate how HERA’s support will maintain and/or improve other young women’s employment. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) ventures are particularly encouraged to apply.

Subject to funding, grants averaging €700 (and ranging between €300 – €1000) will be offered across the four countries to selected women entrepreneurs, who fit one of the following three categories:

  1. Established woman entrepreneurs willing to train and employ young women, who would not have work or other means of support;
  2. Young women entrepreneurs (under 30 years of age) who migrated, returned, and/or organized their own ventures; and
  3. Young women social entrepreneurs whose ventures can demonstrably increase young women’s employment to improve women’s livelihoods in their local communities.

If you are a woman entrepreneur with a venture or local social enterprise that fits one of the three categories above, please fill out the enclosed application form and apply to hera.grants@gmail.com.  Applications may be filled out in your first language, but English is preferred. The application form is also available on HERA’s website at https://hera.international/grants/.

The HERA Competition closes at midnight on Sunday, June 5th.  The preliminary selection will be completed by July 1st. Onsite and/or online assessments and awards will be made from July through the end of October. Grant award winners may be featured on in HERA’s social media.

Download application here: WORD DOC or PDF.

Visit our website for more information: https://hera.international/2022/04/01/hera-2022-international-grants-competition/