Call for proposals for the Fund for Local Cooperation 2021 is open

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The Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest is an instrument for funding non-profit projects in the Republic of Moldova. The call for project proposals is now open and will be closed on 18 March 2021 at 13:00 local time (UTC+2).

The FLC of the Embassy of Finland is an instrument of Finnish development cooperation. As a development policy instrument, the FLC supports the goals and principles of the Finnish development policy and priority areas. The latter are:

  1. Rights and status of women and girls
  2. The growth of developing countries' economies to generate more jobs, livelihoods and well-being
  3. Democratic and effective societies
  4. Climate change and natural resources

Projects funded from the FLC should be in line with these priority areas.

Additionally, the projects should be implemented with the human rights-based approach. This means that human rights are systematically integrated in the means and objectives of projects supported by the FLC.

The Embassy also values projects that are in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals​​​​​​​ of the UN.

Eligibility criteria for FLC partnership

This year the call for Project Proposals is looking for projects contributing to the following priority areas of the Embassy’s FLC Programme: 

  1. Support to the freedom of expression and media diversity, including
  • enhancing capacity building of independent media
  • enhancing critical thinking and media literacy; resisting disinformation
  • promotion of investigative journalism and transparency
  1. Support to the rights of women and girls, including
  • enhancing capacity building of non-governmental organisations promoting women’s rights and gender equality
  • supporting the end of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls
  • supporting youth friendly education and awareness raising on sexual and reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases
  • promoting women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities in economic life

Award amounts will range from approximately 20,000€ to 60,000€. Project duration is limited up to two years. A maximum of 4 – 6 projects will be selected following this call.

The Embassy encourages organisations and private sector applicants working outside of the capital area to apply for the FLC fund. Concerning the FLC priority area 2. Support to the rights of women and girls, the Embassy invites project proposals that aim to support women and girls in a vulnerable position.

Project selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Finland’s development policy, the UN's SDGs and the above mentioned priority areas of the FLC Programme
  • Clearly defined expected result(s) including targeted project outputs and outcomes
  • Realistically planned project activities that contribute to the desired results
  • Project budget that is in line with the activities
  • Experience and management capabilities of the applicant

Applicants are requested to apply key elements of Finnish development policy and quality standards, namely the Results Based Management (RBM), Human Rights Based Approach to Development (HRBA) and Cross-Cutting Objectives (CCOs) in their project plans. They are an important part of the selection criteria for FLC applications.

Eligible partners for the FLC include legally registered Moldovan non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, independent media, educational and research institutions, public bodies and cultural institutions, chambers of commerce and commercial associations, businesses, cooperatives, interest groups of companies and employees. Support to local private companies’ operations are subject to a number of special provisions, please see Guidelines for the private sector FLC partners.

The Embassy prioritizes the project proposals which are not fully financed by the donor; the applicant must show its capability to run day-by-day activities. The principle for supporting private companies is that the applicant itself provides a sufficient share of the financing of the project. The FLC grant can cover a maximum of 70 % of the entire private sector project costs.

Projects are the main target of the FLC. The fund can be used for core funding only in special and well-argued cases.

 How to apply?

Deadline for submitting applications is Thursday 18th of March 2021 at 13:00 hrs (UTC +2). Late proposals will not be considered.

Relevant information regarding a proposed project should be provided by filling the Embassy`s application form. The project proposal and the attachments should be written in English. Only complete applications with a date and a signature will be considered.

To accompany the form, the following attachments are required from all applicants:

  • Project budget in Euros
  • The CVs of the project manager and other focal project staff, project coordinator or any other relevant key persons

In addition, the private sector applicants are requested to submit a third attachment Information form for private sector applicants.

Please, find further information on the procedures for applying for the FLC on from the Guidelines for the FLC partners.

 Applications in PDF format and possible questions can be sent via email to [email protected]

 In case of further questions, we encourage you to contact us well before the deadline of the project proposals. During the last days of the application period, we might do not have the possibility to get back to you in time.

Please note that applications without a signature and date will not be accepted. Electronic signature is accepted.


Assessment of the applications, the shortlisting and the selection process will take place in March and April 2021.

The Embassy will have an online meeting with the shortlisted applicants. During the meeting, the project application is discussed in more detail, and financial and administrative capacity of the applicant is assessed. The shortlisted applicants are requested to provide additional information, including the certificate of registration as well as the latest annual accounts and activity reports of the applicant.

Responses to all applicants, including both accepted and rejected, will be sent at the latest in May 2021. The list of accepted projects will be published on the website of the Embassy. The earliest starting date for a project is estimated to be June or July 2021.

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