International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) Europe online meeting

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WHAT?   International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) Europe online meeting

WHO?      Directors of IAYSP Europe and Middle East, Germany, Czech Republic, others

Youth and Students from Moldova 15-30 years old

WHEN?    5th of April 2020 at 16:00 – 17:00 (International Day of Conscience)

HOW?      Zoom call :  


WHY?      In this meeting you will find out more about activities (Peace projects) organized by IAYSP in different European countries. Also, at this meeting we will introduce a personal development program with elements of emotional intelligence and learning leadership skills.

If you are interested in becoming part of a worldwide team of youth leaders then this meeting is for you. 



1.     Opening

Andrei Esanu

16:00 – 16:05

2.     Introduction to IAYSP Europe

Jeong-hye Hassinen – Director IAYSP Europe

16:05 – 16:15

3.     IAYSP Germany or Afghanistan

Jonathan Makkonen/ Asif Ulfat 

16:15 – 16:20

4.     IAYSP Czech Republic

Victoire Masner

16:20 – 16:25

5.     Questions and Answers

International IAYSP team

16:25 – 16:35

6.     Personal Development Program for Youth from Moldova

Cornelia Garanovschi – Director IAYSP Moldova

16:35 – 16:45

7.     Getting to know each other

Split in small groups and discuss

16:45 – 16:55

8.     Closing of the meeting

Andrei Esanu

16:55 – 17:00


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