Meet U.S. - Luca Bujor, Living and Studying in Connecticut, USA

America House invites everyone to get to know Luca Bujor an American citizen, a 7th-grade student, and a passionate soccer player whose Moldovan parents emigrated to the U.S. Participants will learn what school life is like in Connecticut, how teens spend their free time, and how they engage in community life. 

"Meet U.S." is a U.S. Embassy Chisinau Program that provides Moldovan people with the opportunity to meet U.S. diplomats and their family members, as well as American exchange students, professors, and researchers to learn more about life in the United States. Conversations can range from topics including US education, diversity, history, politics, and many more. Our primary aim is to orchestrate direct interactions between American and Moldovan people fostering engaging conversations around interesting and important topics.