National Consultant to support the revision of the Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript).

Terms of Reference

for a National Consultant to support the revision of the Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript).



Chisinau, Moldova (Home-based)

Type of Contract:

Service Contract

Languages Required:

Excellent command of Romanian; Working command of English and/ or Russian.

Application deadline:

12 January 2020

Expected duration of the assignment:

Up to 20 working days within a three months assignment 

Starting Date:

(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)

15 January 2020




While Moldova has made international and national commitments to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women, in particular by ratifying the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)  and various ILO Conventions, implementation lags. Women still face discrimination and inequality in social, economic and political life and their representation in Moldovan politics and decision-making remains below international benchmarks.

Gender roles refer to social and behavioral norms that, within a specific culture, are widely considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex. These often determine the traditional responsibilities and tasks assigned to men, women, boys, and girls (see gender division of labour). Gender-specific roles are often conditioned by household structure, access to resources, specific impacts of the global economy, occurrence of conflict or disaster, and other locally relevant factors such as ecological conditions. Like gender itself, gender roles can evolve over time, in particular through the empowerment of women and transformation of masculinities.

In the context of economic participation and employment, gender discrimination means that women often end up in insecure, low-wage jobs, and constitute a small minority of those in senior positions. In addition, because women perform the bulk of household work, they often have little time left to pursue economic opportunities.

 According to the Study “How we prevent and reduce sexual harassment at the workplace and in educational institutions policies recommendations”, statistical data show that currently every fifth employed woman in the Republic of Moldova is subjected to subtle forms of sexual harassment at workplace (inappropriate glances, hugs without permission, jokes / language with sexual connotation) and 4 out of 100 women confront with serious forms of harassment (the requirement to have sexual relations for rewards, the use of force or threats to have sex, etc.).

The main cause of this deficiency is the lack of awareness and knowledge of elementary human rights and recognition of the discriminatory element by the main stakeholders, like the women workers, employers. Unfortunately, in Republic of Moldova no educational institutions provide courses or trainings on gender equality at the work place, about sexual harassment or violence against women and girls, or some subjects that are discussed within mentioned institutions, on these issues still are very poor developed.  There is high demand and need for a course on different aspects of gender equality, gender equality in the world of work, gender equality in employment and occupations, gender-based violence, forms of violence against women and girls, etc.

In 2018, UN Women in cooperation with Association of ICT Companies in Moldova and Codifun SRL, implemented a Program for IT education for over 1000 girls and women, from all over the country. Training takes place on the educational platform, where participants are able to easily combine online learning with any activity present in their daily lives. The approach used is called edutament, which consists in combining practices from psychology and pedagogy with games and IT. In order to provide possibility to the enrolled women and girls to the e-courses on ICT professions an additional module on gender equalities knowledge was decided to develop and make it available to all participants. 

The overall objective of the e-course/module is to develop and/or strengthen knowledge, understanding and awareness of concepts related to gender equality and women’s empowerment thus promoting the integration of a gender equality perspective in everyday work and with a view to bring about behavioural change. 

On this background, Codifun SRL seeks to hire a national consultant – gender expert with experience in the field of labor rights and gender equality, in order to work on adjusting the existing training modules of the UN Women Training Center content according to the national legal, policy and institutional framework.


Scope of work


Under direct supervision and guidance of Codifun SRL responsible staff the national consultant - gender expert is expected to adjust the course content according to the national legal, policy and institutional framework. UN Women will maintain the rights to review and endorse the revised text of the course content.




The role of the national consultant will be to review and adjust accordingly the Gender Equality in the World of Work course, which include the following main chapters:  

  • Work and Employment
  • Gender Equality and International Labor Standards
  • Gender Equality: Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Gender Roles in the Private/Public Sphere
  • Women in Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Gender Equality in Employment and Occupations
  • Gender Differences in Unemployment
  • Gender Equality and Migration for Employment
  • Gender Pay Gaps
  • Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Family-friendly Measures to be Gender Equality-friendly
  • Discrimination against Domestic Workers
  • Avoiding Gender Bias at Work
  • Social Protection Floors and Gender Equality
  • Proactive Measures to Achieve Gender Equality
  • Governments in Gender Equality
  • Etc.


Deliverables and timeframe


The selected national consultant will be responsible for delivering the following specific outputs, comprising of the main milestones:




Tentative # of days required for accomplishment of task


Adjust the Romanian and English version of the Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript) according to the national legal, policy and institutional framework.

Provide specific recommendations, amendments to the course according to the national content and reality.

First draft of the adjusted Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript).

Romanian & English version

Up to 16 working days

By 09.02 2020


Adjust the content of the course based on received recommendations and comments from Codifun SRL and UN Women.

Final draft of the adjusted Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript), based on received recommendations and comments from Codifun SRL.

Romanian & English version

Up to 3 working days

By 13.02 2020


Proof reading, review and amendment of the Russian version of the translated Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript) that have been previously adjusted to the national content.

The translation in Russian will be provided by Codifun SRL.

The cleared Russian version of the adjusted Gender Equality in the World of Work course (transcript),

Up to 5 working days

By 20.02. 2020


To provide feedback and recommendations on the design and interactivity of the e-course (previously adjusted) that will be integrated on the locally available educational platform by Codifun SRL.

Up to 4 working days

By 26.02. 2020




Up to 24 working days

* Exact deadlines will be mutually agreed upon contract signature




Duration of the assignment


It is expected that the national consultant shall begin work by 15 January 2020 with work being completed by 09.02 2020, with a total number of work-days not to exceed 16 days. However, the above-mentioned timeframe is tentative. 


Travel and other logistic arrangements

No travels are envisaged under the current assignment.


Performance evaluation 

National consultant’s performance will be evaluated against such criteria as: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and quality of the products delivered.


Financial arrangements

The payment to the consultant will be covered by Codifun SRL upon successful completion of all deliverables and certification by the responsible staff that the services have been satisfactorily performed.


Required skills and experience 

The key qualifications required for the national Consultant are as follows:



  • Master’s degree in social studies, gender studies, public policy, development studies and/or another field related to the area relevant for the assignment


  • A minimum of 7 years of experience in gender equality, which includes provision of consultancy and technical advice services to public/ private institutions related to gender equality and gender mainstreaming; provision of trainings/ workshops on gender equality;
  • At least 5 years of proven experience in carrying out gender analysis of policy documents, strategies, plans;
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge in the field of labour sector is a strong asset;

Language Requirements: 

  • Excellent command of Romanian, English and Russian.


Application process and submission package


Interested candidates are invited to submit their online applications by 12 January 2020  with the following documents. Email:

  • Letter of Intent to include a brief overview about which of your previous experiences makes you the most suitable candidate for the advertised position;
  • CV
  • Financial proposal – specifying a total lump sum amount for the task specified in Terms of References. 


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