Local Administrator Specialist

We are looking for a Local Administrator Specialist to perform specifically identified administrative activities in the local legal entity. The administrative activities are performed as a service for other functional area owners, to support different processes. This service is provided when the functional area owner has no or insufficient local representation. All is done to gain optimal multi-functional efficiency.

What you will do:

  • Tax Support: Managing Withholding Tax (WHT), issuing tax residency certificates, liaising with
    local tax authorities, handling local payments related to taxes, and more.
  • Cash Collection Activities: Providing support in handling customer invoices to facilitate cash
  • Local HR Support: Assisting with local Human Resources activities that necessitate physical
    presence or local language skills are needed.
  • Invoice Reception: Receiving and managing incoming invoices.
  • Payment Proposal Preparation: Crafting proposals for payments.
  • Local Car Fleet Management: Handling affairs related to the local car fleet.
  • Local Archiving: Managing local archiving processes.
  • Digitalization of Invoices: Performing scanning for the digitalization of invoices.
  • Proactive Payment Workflow Follow-Up: Actively monitoring and following up on the local
    payment workflow.
  • Purchase Order Support: Assisting in the preparation and follow-up of purchase orders.
  • Liaison with Local Suppliers: Establishing contact with local suppliers when necessary.
  • The Local Administrator is tasked with executing administrative services on behalf of other functions.
  • Being accountable for deploying and managing local processes, ensuring compliance with local
    regulations and legal requirements, and driving improvements to guarantee high-quality, cost-efficient
    services, and swift execution through the implementation of automation.


To be successful in the role you must have:

  • Education: A graduate degree or an equivalent qualification/experience.
  • Administrative Skills: Demonstrated administrative experience with a multitasking mindset.
  • Accounting and Finance Background: Foundation in basic accounting and finance principles.
  • Proven Accounting Experience: Substantial experience in accounting, particularly within the
    payment process, including tasks such as invoice reception, supplier communication, and follow-
    up on overdue invoices.
  • Versatile Skill Set: Proficiency in writing and reporting, effective collaboration with diverse teams,
    consistent delivery of results meeting customer expectations, adeptness in planning and
    organizing, and a propensity for creating and innovating.
  • Service-Oriented Competency: Confirmed skills in a service-oriented environment, showcasing
    an understanding of customer-focused approaches.
  • Technical Proficiency: Competency in using MS Office, databases, and accounting software.
    Familiarity with SAP or similar platforms is advantageous.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English.
  • Organizational Excellence: Well-organized with a strong commitment to accuracy and attention to
  • Numerical Aptitude: Possessing a natural aptitude for working with numbers.