Business – NGO Engagement Consultant

Business – NGO Engagement Consultant


Business-NGO Engagement Consultant

Contracting entity:

National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT


USAID Moldova Civil Society Resiliency Activity


Republic of Moldova

Period of Performance:

November 2023 – June 2024

Estimated Level of Effort:

Up to 21 days with the possibility of an extension

Start Date:


Closing Date for Applications:

November 7, 2023

The National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT (hereinafter CONTACT Center) is looking for a Business – NGO Engagement Consultant to develop collaborative relationships between the non-profit sector and the private sector.


CONTACT Center is implementing the Moldova Civil Society Resiliency Activity (CSRA), a USAID Moldova-funded project. The activity aims to increase the resiliency of Moldovan civil society by enhancing the ability of civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage with constituents, diversify their resource base, and empower and connect new civic actors. To achieve the aforementioned goal, the Moldova Civil Society Resiliency Activity will act in the following areas:

  • Empower and connect civil society organizations through a capacity-building program
  • Improve constituency engagement and resource mobilization through outreach activities
  • Advocacy campaign to improve the legal environment for CSOS domestic resource diversification.


In the framework of this assignment, the Business – NGO Engagement Consultant will provide targeted assistance to the CSRA Project Manager to improve the collaboration of the private sector with the non-profit sector, and to stimulate CSO domestic resource diversification by engaging businesses of all sizes. The Business – NGO Engagement Consultant will assist the CSRA Project Manager in identifying best practices, gaps, financial, visibility, and other facilities and opportunities for CSO and private sector collaboration, as well as incentives for businesses to support social causes through partnerships with civil society organizations. During the implementation of the assignment, the Business – NGO Engagement Consultant will liaise and work with businesses and CSOs of all sizes to obtain, analyze, and report pertinent information for the assignment goal, as well as recommendations for legal environment improvement to further support business-CSO partnerships.

The Consultant will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks: 

  1. Organize meetings with the private sector to discuss their experience in engaging with CSOs to support different causes, the financial incentives, and the legal environment for boosting business philanthropy activities in support of civil society organizations and social causes.
  2. Promote CSOs as safe and productive partners for philanthropy activities.
  3. Inform businesses about the methods they can use to support social causes through CSOs and what are the advantages of CSO partnerships.
  4. Provide expert support to the CSRA Project Manager in analyzing and compiling data and information for CSOs on how to boost philanthropic-related activities conducted by private companies in partnership with CSOs.
  5. Advise the CSRA Project Manager on how to best interact and engage with the businesses to achieve the assignment objectives.







Organize meetings with the private sector to discuss their experience with CSOs, boosting CSO-private sector lucrative partnerships and corporate responsibility practices,


  • Organize 3 meetings, one per central, northern, and southern regions of Moldova. Consult the meeting dates with the CSRA team.
  • Provide a meeting agenda based on the assignment goal.
  • Develop with the help of the CSRA team a list of pre-prepared messages and incentives for businesses to consider CSO partnerships.
  • Help the CSRA team with the logistics.
  • Propose and consult the CSRA team on the list of invitees for each meeting (at least 20)
  • Invite at least 20 participants (business owners or representatives) at each meeting and provide a list of signatures as proof.
  • Establish intermediate deadlines for every sub-task and sub-deliverable with the CSRA team to meet the general deadline of the deliverable.


November 24, 2023

February 9, 2024

May 31, 2024


Draft post-meeting reports to include the main identified issues, gaps, and best practices in the current business-CSO engagement, and proposals to improve CSO-private sector partnerships, as well as legal or financial enabling proposals.


  • The structure and length of the report will be established in collaboration with the project team.
  • All reports will be drafted in English.
  • The consultant will consult the reports with the CSRA Project Manager and will improve their content accordingly till final approval.


November 29, 2023

February 2, 2024

June 5, 2024

Supervisory Responsibilities and Reporting

The Consultant will report to the CSRA Project Manager and Chief of Party.

Skills and Qualifications

The Business – NGO Engagement Consultant will meet the following criteria:  

  • A university degree in economics, accounting, business administration, public finance, or other related fields;
  • Seven years of professional experience working in a business-related area or engaging with businesses on behalf of public and/or non-profit sectors;
  • Strong business engagement and networking skills within a professional environment;
  • Knowledge of the Moldovan business and CSO legal environment, and philanthropy regulations;
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing events, and training, as well as experience presenting information in front of a group of people;
  • Strong financial and budgetary literacy skills;
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully negotiate and influence;
  • Ability to develop and provide accurate and timely reports;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills;
  • High level of verbal and written communication skills;
  • Driver’s license and willingness to travel for the implementation of the assignment.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants should submit a CV and cover letter in English highlighting relevant experience and the financial expectations (fee per working day) to by November 7, 2023, with the Business – NGO Engagement Consultant in the subject line. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.