Procurement and Finance Officer (Full time) for EU Project

Procurement and Finance Officer (Full time) for EU Project

 Terms of Reference:   Procurement and Finance Officer (Full time)  


As a Procurement and Finance Officer, reporting to and under the supervision of the Team Leader and KE2 the selected candidate will contribute to and facilitate the development and implementation of StratCom project procurement and will ensure sound financial management of all project related activities, including budgets, invoicing, payments, procurement, and financial reports.

Key tasks

•   Contributing to implementing StratCom`s procurement policies and procedures according to the PRAG rules;

•   Performing/coordinating activities required by procurement procedures including preparation, evaluation, verification and reporting to ensure sound financial management in all activities;

•   Providing required support to project manager for contract management issues;

•   Providing procedural advice and drafting technical specifications in cooperation with the StratCom staff;

•   Organising, coordinating and participating in Opening and Evaluation Committees and drafting the required related reports;

•   Providing the required procedural support to Evaluation Committees during the different phases of the evaluation;

•   Analysing and drafting contracts in line with EU relevant procurement rules and regulations;

•   Providing support in monitoring/checking contracts implementation and initiating necessary steps for the contract renewal or extension (deadlines, budget implementation, etc.);

•   Maintaining working contacts and official correspondence with service providers, suppliers and other contractors;

•   Promoting best practices and sound financial management the field of procurement and contract management;

•   Providing budgetary planning support to the KEs and the Project Manager in the development and implementation of the work plans;

•   Collecting offers from suppliers, preparing cost estimates and drafting budgets for project activities;

•   Maintaining a database of suppliers and offers / quotations;

•   Collecting and archiving all supporting documents for the use of incidental expenditure according to EU PRAG rules (lists of participants, agendas, official invitations, supporting letters from beneficiaries etc.);

•   Making petty cash payments and keeps the petty cash register;

•   Assessing and checking invoices, does payments for the project;

•   Keeping track of payments by supplier;

•   Ensuring adequate storage and archiving of all financial papers and documents;

•   Preparing regular and ad-hoc financial reports.



Selection criteria

Suitability of applicants will be assessed against the following criteria in different steps of the selection procedure.

Professional experience and knowledge

Proven relevant professional experience of at least two (2) years in active procurement either in the EU system, or within the national or international public sector, which entails the following:

•   Experience in the preparation of tender dossiers and in the drafting and preparation of contracts;

•   Experience in drafting and correctly interpreting legal documents, opinions and submissions;

•   Experience in assessing financial and legal risks within the area of procurement and in developing appropriate solutions;

•   Knowledge of EU Procurement Rules (EU Procurement Directive) and their implementation;

•   Strong drafting and communication skills in English both orally and in writing

•   Professional experience in a multicultural environment.

Personal qualities

•   A talent to solve problems by analysing situations and breaking down a problem into logical components to identify solutions and potential mitigating action;

•   Inherent respect for rules and procedures and to act on the principles of fairness, objectivity and equal treatment to maintain independence in serving the public interest;

•  Proficient in planning and organising in a structured manner to handle a demanding workload and exhibit resilience in such a working environment;

•  Demonstrated service oriented mindset to ensure the needs of both internal and external stakeholders are met;

•  A skilled communicator - both verbally in interactions with others as well as in business writing, drafting and reporting

• Strives for the following values:

• Relations with organisation: professionalism, loyalty, impartiality and transparency;

• Relations with colleagues: partnership, resourcefulness and efficiency;

• Relations with staff: service oriented attitude, fairness and enhancement.

To apply   Send a CV and Cover Letter to
Deadline   27 March 2023

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