SMEs development expert at the Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova

Position / Title: SMEs development expert

Report to: Executive Director

Time: 80 hrs monthly, part time

The Organization

Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova(AIM) is a membership-based organization composing of over 70 SMEs. Our mission is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses and those doing business with small & medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Moldova, so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper.

AIM announce the open call for SMEs development expert for the project ‘Empower local SMEs to overcome the crisis’, financed by the Center for International Private Enterprise. 

Project duration: 9 months November 2021 - July 2022

Project objectives: 

  • To strengthen AIM’s role as the leading organization representing SMEs by collecting SMEs ' challenges and advocating for better business regulatory reforms.
  • To enable small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Moldova to develop and institutionalize business integrity and anti-corruption compliance standards.
  • To create grassroots pressure by raising awareness about SMEs issues and importance through strategic communication and consultation support.

Terms of Reference

Experts primary role will be to develop a SMEs Code of Ethics and support in developing policy proposals in collaboration with the legislative team, SMEs members, partners, and the wider Moldovan SME community. Specific deliverables will include:

  • Elaboration and development of the Code of Ethics for SMEs, which will outline issues of Corruption, business informality, and bribery. 
  • The Code of Ethics will be a practical guide for SMEs, outlining how companies can defend themselves against abuses. 
  • The guide content will focus on controls, bribery, and taxation and will seek to provide a general overview of best ethical business practices. 
  • The guide shall include templates for various policy documents so companies can easily adapt them for internal use.
  • Participation in at least one community-building event, which will include speaker series on topics of corruption, bureaucracy, and integrity issues.

Experience required:

  • Experience in legislative advocacy work that address SMEs policies in the Republic of Moldova
  • Proven experience in Small Business issues 
  • Proven work in corruption  issues that address SMEs 
  • Proven experience in developing similar guides for SMEs on other relevant topics
  • A strong personal network in Moldova Civil Society and Government
  • Objectivity - AIM is a non-partisan organization. In order to work in this capacity you must be devoted to representing the interests of AIM and Small Business without political bias or favor.


Email a resume / CV to Liliana Busuioc, AIM Executive Director -, application deadline is November 30th.

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