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Accessibility Officer






Inclusion PM


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HI is seeking for a qualified individual to fill the above mentioned position.



Please Note:

Handicap International has clear institutional policies on "Child Protection", "Anti-fraud, Bribery and Corruption", "Disability, Gender and Age" and "Protection of Beneficiaries from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment”. It is therefore mandatory for all staff to commit themselves to respect, uphold and promote these policies, and to sign the HI Code and Conduct.





Under the line management of the Inclusion PM, the accessibility officer will support the work on accessibility under the inclusive humanitarian action strategy

The accessibility officer will provide technical guidance and coordinate with relevant stakeholders that the accessibility work is done in a smoother way and according to national and international standards, using a participatory approach.

The person is expected to provide guidance on the approach and all technical support required for accessibility work by providing guidelines, designs, BOQs and also selection of vendors based on identified barriers and in collaboration with organizations of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities among refugee and host community.

All activities related to accessibility needs at facility level will be closely monitored by the accessibility officer in close collaboration with organizations and experts in the subject matter.


  1. With the support of project manager, responsible for identification of barriers of meaningful access and accessibility needs in different facilities
    • Review national policies and guidelines on universal accessible design for public infrastructures
    • Contextualize guidance and tools for the assessment of different facilities, whenever possible together with organizations of persons with disabilities.
    • Raise awareness among facilities staff on inclusion and accessibility, whenever possible together with organizations of persons with disabilities.
    • Develop mechanism of coordination with facilities staff for accessibility works and modifications as well more participatory work
    • Conduct facilities assessment, in close coordination with facility staff, to identify the needs of physical and communication accessibility, whenever possible together with organizations of persons with disabilities.
    • Develop a comprehensive report on gaps and types of modifications required for related facilities linked to wider barriers and enablers assessments.


  1. Contextualize and/or developing related tools for accessibility needs
    • Accessibility officer is responsible to prepare related guidelines and tools for the implementation of accessibility needs work
    • Develop related designs based on the identified gaps in infrastructure of target facilities, information and communication, whenever possible together with organizations of persons with disabilities.
    • Work closely with logistics and procurement department and support by preparing BOQs for the related designs
    • Participate in the procurement process of hiring suppliers


  1. On the facilities
  • Responsible to oversee the rehabilitation work to ensure quality and smooth implementation
  • Work closely with the facility staff and document lesson learnt related to rehabilitation activity.
  • Responsible to conduct final evaluation of facility using participatory approaches.
  • Document improvements by developing reports, conducting staff interview and pictures etc.


  • Provide weekly reporting on activities (achievement of results, activity monitoring, contractor files, site visit records, training needs, etc.)
  • Ensure quality control and monitoring of the infrastructure activities according to national and international standards and in line with identified barriers
  • Ensure that all construction works undertaken meet the required standards and quality specified in the contracts and those set by the national or local authorities and international standards for accessibility
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and HI approach and guidelines on accessibility and inclusive humanitarian action
  • Identify and record promising or good practices on accessibility and inclusion upon request


  • Attend different meetings related to construction activities
  • With the support of the Inclusion PM, develop a work plan with the details of work required
  • Attend relevant meeting with project partners upon request
  • Attend relevant meeting with partners working on the inclusion of persons with disabilities upon request
  1. Logistics, Administration and Human Resource Support
    • Respect compliance with logistics, administration and Human Resource processes
    • Help anticipate the logistics needs of planned activities and communicate to the Inclusion Project Manager
  1. Demonstrate an ethical and professional practice
    • Show professional ethics, respect and promote Handicap International mandate;
    • Respects beneficiary privacy and confidentiality
    • Respect the Handicap International protection of children policy and protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policy and report to his/her line manager any non-respect of HI’s policies amongst the teams or partners;
    • Report any incident or act that causes any harm to beneficiary or to others;
    • Inclusive communication with organizations and individuals with different constituency groups







-       Architect or Civil Engineer



(type and amount of experience):

-       At least 3 years’ experience in relevant field

-       At least 2 years in using relevant computer software packages, such as MS Excel, MS Word and Auto CAD

-       Previous experience in coordinating and technically supervising construction and accessibility work

Experience in developing training materials

Previous experience working in the humanitarian sector and or working on disability inclusion

Previous experience working with organizations of persons with disabilities


(knowledge, abilities required for the position, refer to skills repository document):

-          Knowledge of universal accessible design standards in infrastructure, communication, information

-          Knowledge of participatory and inclusive approaches to identifying and addressing barriers of meaningful access

-          Knowledge of community-infrastructure requirements

-          Knowledge of planning and implementing community-driven and inclusive infrastructure projects

-          Expertise in transferring skills and coaching on universal access design

Being capable of helping team members to plan and review the drafted plans.

Personal qualities:

-       Excellent communication skills and diplomacy;

-       Ability to follow instructions and to be a member of a team;

-       Flexibility;

-       Strong attention to details;

-       Good organizational skills;

-       Practical, dynamic and solution oriented;

-       Open to cultural differences.

-       Ability to transfer skills and expertise

-       Inclusive communication with organizations and individuals with different constituency groups

Good capacity to withstand pressure and manage stress.

Salary: 14 100 – 17 600 MDL/Month

Duration of Contract: 3 months with possibility of renewal


All interested candidates should send their CVs, cover letters, copies of educational and experience certificates, with attachments bearing your full name; example: Julie NASH – CV (for your CV) and Julie NASH - Cover Letter (for your cover letter) with the subject of the position applied for by email only to:


Closing date for applications is June 15th 2022