Austrian Development Agency - Visibility materials

Invitation to submit an offer

ADA Project Number: 6550-00/2022; EU Contract Number 2021/427-494

Procurement no. 028-Visibility materials

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) intends to conclude a contract in the context of supplying of visibility materials.

The general requirements for the subject contract are described in the Annex A – Terms of References. The technical specifications and quantities are summarized in the Annex-01 Technical Specifications and Financial Offer Form.

Local communities (LOCOMO) project is VAT exempted according to the Government of Moldova Decision no. 246 dated 08 April 2010, Project ID on Aid Management Platform (AMP) 8721174017168.

Should you/your institution/your company be interested in this task, we would invite you to provide us with your offer in EUR without VAT (VAT 0%) at the latest until October 14, 2022. Please submit a request for tender documents to