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IREX Europe is looking for a production company to produce a social video spot

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IREX Europe launches a call for selection a person/company who will develop a video spot and short video tutorial of using online manual on Media Information Literacy (www.biblio-emi.md).

Starting with 2014, IREX Europe is working with the libraries and librarians from Novateca Network, building their capacities and strengthening their media literacy skills. Over 40 Media Corners were arranged in the libraries all over the country.

Media corner is a space within the library, equipped with cozy furniture and the necessary technique, which allows the beneficiaries to read newspapers, search information on the internet, conduct different meetings with journalists and other people aiming at a better understanding of the media context, countering propaganda, misinformation and manipulation.

The video spot has the aim to raise the awareness on the Media Information Literacy which is done through the network of the public libraries and highlight the role of the librarian in this process.

Total Budget limit: up to 5000 EUR.

Objectives and tasks:

  • The selected company/person will make a video of 60-90 sec.
  • Elaboration of the general concept of the video spot based on the program`s aims with the support of with the project team
  • Elaborate the detailed scenario of the video spot
  • Elaboration of the Stroryboard for video
  • Filming the spot
  • Editing the spot
  • Production of video format web
  • Production Video Format TV
  • Subtitling in Russian and English
  • Creating 3 min video tutorial on how to use online Media Literacy manual from www.biblio-emi.md

Minimum requirements from the applicants:

  • 2 years of similar experience in the production of video spots;
  • Previous experience of producing video spots
  • Capacity to work as a team and carry out tasks in the terms established

The application will contain:

  • RESUME (CV) and brief description of the organization/person
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Financial offer, in EUR with VAT 0%


The payment for the video of the spot will be performed in accordance with the service contract. The payment terms will be negotiated and agreed on both sides. Payment is made in Moldovan Lei by bank transfer.

The estimated contract time is 2 months.

To apply, please submit required documents (preferably in English)  to dgalai@irexeurope.eu and vbotnaru@irex-europe.fr  before March 21st.

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