St.Valentine’s Day at FELT School

The lesson on St. Valentine’s Day given by Daniela Murguleț on 12 February 2010 to a group of first- and second- year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Alecu Russo Bălți University within the framework of FELT School program was a lively informative and communicative lesson with a lot of various activities.  The students enjoyed the experience and many of them expressed their desire to join the project.

The FELT School project gives the students an excellent opportunity to enhance their teaching potentials and become active citizens in their communities. But above all, this experience is a good school of humanity and compassion.

Lara Aladina,

Senior Lecturer,

English Language Department

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures

A. Russo Balti State University

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Posted: 2010-02-21 08:48:23

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