Open call for participants for Training Course „ReMeDy” in Rustavi, Georgia

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Open call for participants for Training Course „ReMeDy” Ready to mediade? Direction – Youth! Training course with elements of PBA for youth workers, in Rustavi, Georgia, 23 November – 1 December 2019.

Who: youth workers between 18-25 y/o;

Aims & objectives:
✔ To enhance youth workers competences in conflict management particularly through the development of meditation skills and empower the to engage in constructive conflict resolution;
✔ To enhance the creation of a network of organizations with expertise in the topics of meditation and/or conflict transformation or willing to gain it to develop future projects related to the topic;
✔ To explore the topic of multiculturalism and intellectual dialogue;
✔ To learn about the origins of different types of conflicts and possible methods of solving them;
✔ To promote and explain Alternative Dispute Resolutions with special emphasis an mediation;
✔ To teach in practice skills relevant to effective negotiation and meditation;
✔ To create a field for further cooperation and development of projects related to conflict transformation;
✔ To share the results of First ADK Kit strategic partnership devoted to mediation in youth education;

How to apply: Send your CV and motivational letter on e-mail:

Deadline: 10 October 2019

More details about the opportunities for young people and youth workers you can find here:

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