Small Grant Scheme on anti-trafficking sector

Hope for Justice invites organisations who meet the criteria below to apply for a grant for amounts between £500 and £5,000.

Eligibility for the Small Grant Scheme

  • Legally registered organisation, recognised in Moldova.
  • Working primarily in the anti-trafficking sector or closely related issues with clear project intersection (e.g. migration, refugees).
  • Coherent project design with clear relevance to human trafficking, a demonstrable connection to the Ukraine invasion and the associated increase in trafficking affecting Moldova.
  • Proven capacity to manage grants and report on them effectively (including the ability to report in English).
  • Aligned with Hope for Justice’s values and programming principles (i.e. people-centred and systemic; survivor-centred; inclusive and diverse; do no harm; holistic; universal; interdisciplinary; collaborative; evidence-based and agile; credible and authoritative.) 
  • Strong safeguarding policies, operational framework and implementing experience
  • Ability to utilise the funds effectively within the 2023/24 financial year without creating issues of dependency. 

Eligible organisations should submit both a completed Application Form and Due Diligence Questionnaire by 31st March 2023. 

For more information, please contact 


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