Internews in Moldova, with the financial support of the European Union, announces the “Support Fund for Independent Media in Moldova” Grants Program

Internews in Moldova is seeking applications for the “Support Fund for Independent Media in Moldova” Grants Program to provide institutional support to professional independent media in Moldova to stay afloat and continue producing trustworthy and evidence-based content. The grants will be issued under the “Supporting Independent Media and Information Resilience (SIMIR) in Moldova” project implemented by Internews and funded by the European Union. The aim of the support fund is to help media outlets continue content production, so that audiences can access good quality, fact-based information. Funds will help media outlets to continue operations, content production and distribution, and audience engagement according their strategy.

The Grants Program is open to established independent media organisations with stable operational and production capacities that provide objective, quality, and fact-based information to their communities. Internews Key Partners in Moldova are not eligible for this specific call.

Up to 9 awards will be issued. The number of awards will depend on the eligible and qualified proposals received.

The maximum budget for each proposal is EUR 27,600. The exact subgrant amounts will be determined based on the immediate needs of each media outlet.

The minimum duration of a project is 6 months, and the maximum duration is 12 months.

The subgrants will be issued for institutional support, including:
1. Salary and honorarium for key/essential staff (journalists, translators, editors, designers, accountants, fundraising and/or business development staff, etc.);
2. Travel costs directly related to the outlet activity;
3. Operational expenses such as office rent, equipment rental/maintenance, office supplies, website costs, communication costs, utilities, external financial auditors, legal advice fees, etc.;
4. Support for equipment and/ or software would be unlikely unless, a strong justification is provided.

In order to be considered eligible to apply, applicants must fulfil the following criteria:
• Be a locally registered organization in Moldova.
• Adhere to independent editorial policy (as evidenced by external assessments/evaluation reports where possible).
• Demonstrate proven dedication to professional, ethical journalism (as evidenced by media monitoring reports where possible).
Romanian and Russian-language outlets and multiple platforms (TV, radio, print, and/or online) are eligible.

Applications will be assessed and evaluated by a Review Committee on a range of selection criteria as follows:

Evaluation Criteria

Max points

Applicant demonstrated a clear need for the grant


Applicant demonstrated independent editorial policy (as evidenced by external assessment/evaluation reports where possible and adherence to the Code of Ethics)


Applicant demonstrated proven dedication to professional, ethical journalism (as evidenced by media monitoring reports where possible)


Applicant submitted a realistic budget and the costs are reasonable



100 points

Incomplete, ineligible, or late applications will not be considered for funding. Selected sub-grantees will undergo standard vetting and due diligence procedures in line with Internews’ and donor policies.

To apply for the grant, please submit the following documents:
1) Application Form in Word, filled in Romanian, Russian, or English;
2) Detailed project budget in Excel sheet;
3) Copy of the Registration Certificate or Decision;
4) Copy of the Organization’s Statutes (for non-profit organisations).

All applications must be submitted electronically (with attachments of all required documented stated under the Application Package section) to the email address with “Support fund” in the subject line. The deadline for submission is September 7, 2022, COB.

All applications submitted will be acknowledged within two (2) working days following the deadline for submission of applications. The applicant is responsible for ensuring and confirming that the emails comprising the application reach Internews representatives. Only the successful applicant will be notified of selection within thirty (30) days following the deadline for submission of applications.

NOTICE OF SELECTION OF THE APPLICATION IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS A CONTRACT OR SUBGRANT AWARD. Once the selection is confirmed, a final subgrant agreement will be negotiated and signed with the successful applicant, subject to prime funder approval and successful vetting of eligibility.