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British Embassy Chisinau announces call for bids: Good Governance Fund Moldova

The British Embassy Chisinau is running a competitive bidding process to contract a partner that will deliver a project supporting the administration of the President of Moldova (PA).

Interested partners are invited to present project proposal that will provide targeted Technical Assistance (TA) to the PA, aimed at strengthening the capacity of the PA to promote and to lay the basis for judicial reform and accountable government and service delivery, within the mandate of the Presidency.

Brief project summary / main objectives

In Moldova, corruption remains pervasive across government institutions and services but is especially prevalent in customs, police, courts, prosecutor’s offices, SOEs, business regulators, education and healthcare.

Low public confidence in the justice sector, fuelled by corruption and unscrupulous officials, as numerous assessments attest, are key factors preventing sustainable investments in Moldova’s economy, both local and international; reduce the efficiency of the public sector, and creates a general atmosphere of distrust in the Moldovan government.

The project will pursue the following objectives:

  • support anticorruption reforms in Moldova, improve the ability of public institutions to effectively fight systemic, high-level corruption;
  • contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the judiciary;
  • establish a strategic communications framework to raise public awareness and encourage broad support of the two objectives above leading to greater demand for reforms in these areas.

The President has defined anticorruption and judiciary reforms as key priorities of her 4-year term in office. It is therefore fundamental that TA be provided during this initial period, while support for the President and reform is strong.

Although Moldova’s Constitution divides the powers to fight corruption and implement justice sector reforms between the branches of power, the Presidential administration has the strongest commitment and political will to drive justice sector and anticorruption reforms in a systematic and coherent manner as well as to raise public awareness of the importance of these reforms.

Who may bid: eligibility criteria

This project is only eligible for implementation by non-profit and/or multilateral international organisations* and must demonstrate:

  • previous experience in delivering and managing projects;
  • preferably previous experience working with international agencies/organisations.

*Due to the nature of this project it is our expectation that international expertise will be required throughout the implementation period. Therefore we would strongly advise any local Moldovan implementers to partner with an international or multilateral organisation (i.e. joint implementation).

Selection criteria

  • project should demonstrate strong gender equality and social inclusion considerations throughout all the outputs and deliverables. In particular these considerations must be mainstreamed into experts’ assessment of corruption (e.g. how social exclusion and gender inequality drive corruption and vice versa);
  • project should have clearly defined, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-limited) outputs and deliverables and demonstrate value for money;
  • outcomes are achievable within the funding period;
  • project design includes clear monitoring and evaluation procedures;
  • funding allocations for 2021/22 must be spent by 31 March 2022;
  • successful applicants will be required to submit quarterly and final financial and narrative reporting;
  • as a general rule, grants should not be used to procure goods and equipment but this will be considered on a case-by-case basis; no more than 10% of project funds may be used for equipment. The Fund may not be used for gifting.

How to bid

To submit your application:

  • Please complete the following documents in English and send them in single email to , indicating ‘Project Concept - name of your organisation’ in the subject line.

          Project Proposal Bid Form (MS Word Document, 71KB)

          Activity Based Budget (ABB) Template (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 26.2KB)

  • Please include administrative data of Implementing Organisation: title, address, website of organisation, and name and contact details of the main contact person.


We welcome projects in the value range from £100,000 to £200,000**

**To be agreed based on the Activity Based Budget of the successful implementer


Project activities are expected to start ASAP and can run up to 31 March 2022

If you have questions about your submission, these can be answered either by email or at the information session detailed below.

The deadline for project concept bids is midnight (Moldova time), Wednesday 2 June 2021. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Notification and next steps

Please note that bidding is competitive and only selected project will receive funding. Due to the volume of bids expected we will not be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful bids.

If you are interested in bidding, please anticipate attending an on-line information session organised by the British Embassy Chisinau on Monday 24 May 2021. Please email in advance to register your interest in attending the information session.

Author: Dina Grati

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