Request for Applications: Internews in Moldova is planning to award several small Media Information Gaps Grants to support worthy media literacy pilot projects

Media Information Gaps Grants (MIGG)

Open to independent media outlets, CSOs, civic activists, journalists, bloggers, vloggers, and influencers from Moldova

Application Submission Deadline: January 25, 2021


Internews in Moldova is planning to award several small Media Information Gaps Grants (MIGGs) to support worthy media literacy pilot projects and nascent initiatives through a competition open to independent media outlets, CSOs, civic activists, journalists, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and others who could benefit from the professional guidance and financial support to flesh out their ideas. The support will be awarded for programs, campaigns, events (online or in-person, respecting all pandemic restrictions) in areas outside the capital city, Chisinau, that support media literacy and consumption of quality media. Specific examples of potential initiatives include, but are not limited, to support of youth media literacy projects through mini-grants, engagement of young people through citizen journalism competitions, hosting of events to convene teachers and media literacy professionals to discuss opportunities and challenges of integrating media education in schools, and the development of mobile media literacy advertising campaigns that target rural areas.

A selection committee will approve projects representing various regions of the country, ethnic/linguistic minority groups that have the potential to cover information gaps in rural/regional areas, including those where minority languages are heavily used or where youth reside in under-informed communities. The project will support innovative proposals such as:

  • creative media literacy campaigns for youth;
  • promoting the consumption of quality media campaigns;
  • promoting media literacy courses in schools;
  • community information partnerships;
  • viral content production to promote media literacy, combatting misinformation, citizens engagement;
  • minority (languages) media production;
  • media literacy content for people with activity limitations and participation restrictions;
  • other new initiatives in line with project aims.

Under this RFA, Internews anticipates awarding up to 5 (five) subgrants, each ranging from EUR 3,000 to EUR 5,000. Under no circumstances will Internews consider an application for an award exceeding EUR 5,000. The exact number of grants awarded will depend on the size of the proposed budgets of winning proposals. The final budget value will be adjusted under Internews guidance only with selected candidates.


Internews anticipates subgrants awarded under this RFA to have a performance period from March 1, 2021 – until August 31, 2021 (maximum 6 months). Shorter timeframes in this period are acceptable if matching the purpose of the project.


To be eligible to apply, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Be a locally registered organization in Moldova (individuals are encouraged to partner with organizations);
  • Be a creative combination of actors/use of new technology;
  • Be committed to increasing the number of its viewers/listeners/users;
  • Strive to improve the quantity, formats, and quality of produced materials/organized events;
  • Need to demonstrate a commitment to continue proposed activities;
  • Need to demonstrate a commitment to report according to requirements and deadlines.

A technical committee will review and evaluate applications on a range of selection criteria:

  1. Quality of project idea, including its innovative qualities (and consistency with goals and objectives of the program): maximum 50 points;
  2. Project planning/ability to achieve objectives: maximum 20 points;
  3. Program monitoring and evaluation: maximum of 20 points;
  4. Institution’s record and capacity: maximum 10 points.



Applications must meet the following requirements:

  1. Include a project discription;
  2. Include a detailed budget.

Project Description must contain:

  1. The project idea;
  2. A work plan to provide a clear articulation of deliverables within the timeframe of the project;
  3. A monitoring and evaluation plan (list output and outcome indicators and ways to measure them);
  4. Information on previous experience as grantees mentioning the funder (if applicable).



Applications must be submitted electronically to the following email address: The subject line must include the words “MIGG grants 2021.” The documents constituting the application must be included as attachments. The email must contain:

  1. Documents requested as part of the application.
  2. Full name of the applicant.
  3. Contact information, including physical address, email, and phone number.
  4. Organization registration documents under Moldovan law.

Application forms can be accessed through the following links Project Description Form, Budget Form, or the contact details mentioned below.


All applications submitted will be acknowledged within two (2) working days following the submission deadline and will note the documents submitted. The respondent is responsible for ensuring and confirming that the emails comprising the application reach Internews representatives.

Only successful applicants will be notified of selection within fifteen (15) working days following the submission deadline.

Notice of selection of the application is not to be construed as a contract or subgrant award. Once the selection is confirmed, a final subgrant agreement will be negotiated and signed with the successful applicant, subject to prime funder approval and successful vetting of eligibility.

For more details, please write to us at the email address or call us at the number +373 60500570.


This activity is part of “Support to Moldovan Media and Innovative Media Literacy Efforts” project financed through Swedish development assistance and implemented by Internews in Moldova, which aims to promote the development of an independent, professional media that provides citizens with access to a diversity of perspectives, and to reduce the media sector's vulnerability to political and financial interests. Previously, the Media Information Gap Grants have been supported under MEDIA-M.

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