Christmas Crafts and Treats with Julie Anderson

262856485 4685915524809303 5045302402971701331 nAmerica House Chisinau is inviting all DIY and craft lovers to a webinar where our guest Julie will teach us Christmas Crafts and Treats.

On Friday, December 17th, Julie will share why reindeer are an important part of American Christmas and make a reindeer craft. She will show the craft and explain how to make it.

This will be best for parents and children and teachers/students.

Supplies needed for crafts are:
-Glue or tape
-3-4 pieces of brown paper
-1-2 pieces of any color paper (we use green or red)
-1-2 pieces of white paper
-1-2 pieces of red paper
-1-2 pieces of black paper
-Black marker or crayon.

Julie Anderson has been a teacher for 21 years. Currently, she teaches first grade. She owns a consulting firm where she conducts training and provides mentoring and coaching for teachers. Julie is passionate about her work and feels that by helping teachers she is helping students. She founded an NGO to help at-risk students succeed in and out of the classroom.

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