My Dream American University | Video Contest at America House Chisinau

America House Chisinau invites high school and university students aged 16 + to send an original, 2-min long video about a university from the USA they would like to study at. The video should explain the reasons why a particular university was chosen.

Selection Criteria :

🔵 Title: “My Dream American University”;

🔵 Video recording sent by email to;

🔵 The email should include first and last name, age, city/village and the name of the school/university;

🔵 Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes;

🔵 Videos must be filmed in a horizontal format;

🔵 No use of commercial content: music, video, animation;

🔵 The video must be original, authentic and created by students.

🔵 Recording methods: Animoto, Loom, Screencastify, or a short movie filmed with a cell phone or video camera;

🔵 Technical requirements: good lighting, sound, and editing quality, MP4 or AVI);

🔵 Videos will be posted on America House’s YouTube channel:

❎ Deadline to submit the videos: November 16.