Open call for organising Moldova Innovations Award event

Title: Moldova Innovation Awards (MIA)

Date: 9 December 2022

Location: Madison Park (alte sugestii de locatii sunt binevenite)

Duration of the contract: October-December 2022


1. About Moldova Innovation Technology Park

Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP) is a unique and innovative model to support IT business development, ICT sector competitiveness, investment, R&D, and digital innovation in Moldova. The park has been created by the Government for a 10 years period (2018 - 2027) and has now more than 1200+ local and international tech firms, employing over 15 300 employees, which generate 85% of the total value produced in the Moldovan IT sector. Residents of the park benefit from a simplified 7% single tax, the IT Visa Program allowing simplified immigration procedures for expatriates, but also development projects run by the Administration of the park. Moldova Innovation Technology Park is a focal point for services and incentives in the ICT sector, acting as a catalyst for investment through the promotion of flexible government policy, an environment conducive to ICT innovation, and digital transformation. Acting as a cluster facilitator, the Park provides an organisational platform with a set of innovative tools and approaches to accelerate the transformation of the economy, streamline corporate innovation practices, boost the growth of the IT industry, support partnerships, and create new jobs, and attract local and foreign investment.

One of our objectives is to recognize the achievements of Moldovan IT companies and IT talents. To do so, we are looking for a provider that will plan, organise and fully deliver a gala event with awards for the IT sector. 


2. Background

Moldova Innovation Awards 2022, is the first edition of an annual gala event organised by MITP that awards the best innovations among the Park residents, tech startups and corporate innovators from the local technology industry. The mission of the Moldova Innovation Awards (MIA) is to provide recognition and endorsement to Moldova-based firms and people; popularise the creation of innovations in Moldova, unveil the hidden champions of our industry and promote the attraction of international investments.



Nomination #1: Best Product Innovation

Nomination #2: Best Service Innovation

Nomination #3: Impactful initiative of the year (public services, social impact, refugees and covid crisis)

Nomination #4: Rising STARtup

Nomination #5: Female Leaders in Tech

Nomination #6: Public’s Favourite

3. Event’s objectives

  • Award the companies that produce the best innovations locally;
  • Unveil and showcase the creative and tech innovations of the local tech companies; 
  • Gain international reach of Moldovan made digital innovations, solutions, products and services, as well as the country offer;
  • Popularise the creation of innovation locally;
  • Inspire a mindset of innovation among the local tech entrepreneurs (by delivering inspiring innovation related speeches from our guests/juries);
  • Facilitate networking and cooperation among resident companies, governmental  representatives, donors and other community builders.


4. Event’s KPIs

  • Fully organise MIA with around 200 offline attendees
  • Ensure full enrollment of participants and jury, including relevant logistical arrangements (e.g. travel & accomodation, online registration process):
  • At least 20 applications for each award category 
  • 10-15 pitches given by shortlisted nominees
  • 1 training on pitching presentation to shortlisted nominees
  • Up to 3-4 keynote speeches delivered by jury members (estimated number - 7) and/or other relevant keynote speakers (topics on digital innovation, startup growth and opportunities, innovation mindset, investment, digital transformation, etc.) 
  • Develop and run MIA’s communication campaign:
  • At least 5 interviews on TV/online/radio; 
  • At least 10 appearances in local media and 3 appearances in international media;
  • At least 5 local and international influencers involved;
  • Pre, during the event and post social media;
  • 7k online views of the Event’s Live stream and reach of 20k online views within 1 month post-event.


5. Target audience

  • Tech companies (including but not limited to MITP residents, corporates and startups, their employees, top management);
  • Non-IT local / regional companies that might further cooperate / partner with the award winners/participants;
  • Local / regional / international investors to whom we will reveal the opportunities of the Moldovan tech companies / talent and other incentives;
  • Foreign tech talent that we would like to attract to Moldova (Eastern Europe, Stan countries);
  • Local youth to get inspired on innovation, IT, entrepreneurship;
  • Local ecosystem players;
  • Local Government institutions; 
  • Donor organisations in Moldova;
  • International journalists.


6. Scope of work

We are looking for a reliable partner, with proven experience, to organise a turnkey event in line with the newest trends in terms of events and related technologies. The selected agency/company will be asked to fully organise the event in line with the background, objectives / KPIs and audience mentioned above, including but not limited to the following services:

  • Conceptualising, planning and organising technical and logistical processes of the MIA event (venue, catering, logistics support, event moderation, etc.)
  • Elaborate and implement the event media plan (pre-, during the event, and post event, media relations services, develop creative assets, develop landing page);
  • Fully undertake the communication with jury/speakers members and applicants;
  • Arrange the accommodations and transportations services for jury/speakers members (executives).


The service provider is expected to amend and improve the above-proposed content based on its good knowledge and best practices. The changes in the structure shall be discussed with and approved by the MITP contact person. 


To achieve the event objectives, the service provider is expected to work closely with the MITP team. Weekly progress meetings will be organised.


In order to accomplish the assignment, the service provider shall submit at least the following deliverables:


Minimum Deliverables

Deadline for Delivery

  1. Offering logistical and technical support in full development and implementation of the event

(Appendix 1) 

December 9, 2022

  1. Elaboration of the event visual identity

October 19, 2022

  1. Develop and implement a communication plan which would include the entire event communication, as follows:
  • Pre-event: 6 weeks before the event
  • During the event
  • Post-event: 2 weeks after the event

October 19, 2022

  1. Booking (hotel and flights) and transport services

3 business days from final confirmation of the speaker/ jury

  1. Teaser(s) of the event (with voiceover and soundtrack) 20-30 seconds

October 27, 2022

  1. Creating a promo video of the event

November 20, 2022

  1. Production and creation of the making of and post event video

December 23, 2022

  1. Coordinating the communication with participants and jury members / speakers

December  9, 2022

  1. Creation of the landing page (including content creation) that:
  • Gather and produce all the information on landing page (about the event, agenda, speakers, jury, etc)
  • Possibility for companies to submit their applications
  • Possibility to showcases the nominated companies and their innovations 
  • Allows attendees to register
  • Allow the general public to vote for the Public Favourites category

October 23, 2022

  1. Report of activities and communication results

December 23, 2022

Shall the service provider consider other deliverables / deadlines based on his technical knowledge and proven experience, they shall be reflected in the technical proposal.

It should therefore be noted that the property rights of the developed contents (video, visuals, and texts) shall be transferred to the MITP and used for publication and transfer to the project partners.

All deliverables are to be submitted on digital support to the MITP contact person, via  e-mail and (copying and and are subject to comments by the project team, before their final approval by MITP. All deliverables should be submitted in English.

Each deliverable should be accepted by the MITP team within up to 3 working days. If any modification is required, it should be properly documented and executed within the next 2 working days from its approval by the MITP team. If no feedback occurs within the agreed time, the deliverables are considered accepted.

The deliverables must be provided in an editable format, in order to be adjusted and re-used in the future as needed. It should therefore be noted that the property rights of the developed contents shall be transferred to the MITP and used for publication and transfer to partners.


7. Selection process and requirements:

Agencies/Companies or consortium of companies will have to submit until October 6th, 2022 (COB):

  • a technical offer
  • a working plan
  • a financial offer (Appendix 1) with an estimated budget
  • CVs of the key experts
  • visualisation concept


 MITP will select the winning agency based on following criteria:

  • Technical offer and working plan - 30%
  • Financial offer - 25%
  • CVs of the key experts - 25%
  • Visualisation concept - 20%


A successful bidding company or consortium of companies are expected to meet at least the following requirements:

  • Be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Proven experience of minimum 5 years in the field of organising events and communication;
  • Have at least three key experts with 3+ years of experience in different fields relevant for this ToR;
  • Have availability to organise and carry out activities in indicated due time;
  • Have working experience with companies and individual experts that deliver services specified in ToR.

Requirements in expertise and experience for the key experts assigned for this contract:

  • Relevant Educational background and work experience;
  • Skills in working out activities in the required field;
  • Experience in working on topics related to the IT industry promotion or other relevant fields;
  • Fluency in English, Romanian and Russian is required.

Financial offer, working plan and questions shall be e-mailed to and (copying and  by showing the tender title in the subject of the message.


8. Reporting

Within the timeframe of the assignment, the service provider will be expected to have weekly coordination meetings with the MITP project dedicated team. Also, a final report on the entire event is to be developed by the event organiser.


9. Timeframe & payment schedule

All the deliverables including the organisation of the event shall be implemented in the timeframe from October-December 2022.

Payments will be made per deliverable, upon approval by the project manager, based on the payment schedule agreed between the service provider and MITP.


Appendix 1


Name of Bidder:


Date of the quotation:


Request for quotation Nº:


Currency of quotation :

MDL (with and without VAT)

Validity of quotation:

(The quotation must be valid for a period of at least 3 months after the submission deadline)

Valid until 01.01.2023



Unit of measure (ex. day, hour, person etc.)


Unit rate, MDL

Total, MDL

1.Offering logistical support in full development and implementation of the event 

Technical support: stage, construction, artistic lights, sound equipment, LED screen(s), prompter and preview for speakers, photographer. 

Streaming services: Live streaming, event filming services, translation.

Branding: venue decoration, scene background (e.g. curtain), podium cover, photo wall, printing services, tribune, trophies.

Graphic design for LED screen: Graphic package production and development (Graphic animation adjustment (Generic event, CV speaker, card, timer - for LED screens and live broadcasting), Voiceover, soundtrack, Intro and Outro video including music, graphics and animated text max. 30 sec.

Invitations: digital design


Amount per each category / item / deliverable


2. Elaboration of the event visual identity

Elaborating the set of graphic elements which are going to be used during the whole event period. 

Event visual identity package



3. Providing and implementing the communication plan 

Pre-event: 6 weeks before the event

During the event

Post-event: 2 weeks after the event

Amount per each category / item / deliverable


4. Booking (hotel and flights) and transport services

The supplier will book the hotel and transport for juries.

Hotel & flight fares will be invoiced based on the actual costs borne. Assistance fee is to be estimated per person accomodated.


5. Teaser of the event 

Script, voiceover, soundtrack and video production. The length: 30 seconds




6. Video production

- making of 

- post event video 

Cost per minute and per video


7. Communication with participants and jury members

Coordinating and mediating the communication between MITP and juries / MITP and participants (applicants, finalists, winners, speakers, juries)

Cost per service


8. Creation of the landing page

Creation of the landing page (including content creation) that:

- Gather and produce all the information on landing page (about the event, agenda, speakers, jury, etc)

- Companies to submit their applications

- Showcases the nominated companies and their innovations

- Allows attendees to register 

- Allow the general public  to vote for the Public Favourites category

Landing page



9. Final Report of the Event

Report that will include the, event and communication campaign results




Other budget items as per your offer