Apply to CEU's graduate programs and Q&A

Earn a U.S. degree with CEU’s global community in Vienna!

Made up of students and faculty from over 100 countries, we work together in the spirit of supporting open and democratic societies that respect human rights and the rule of law. Our English-language degree programs, accredited in the U.S. and Austria, nurture critical, analytical and creative thinkers who seek solutions to the complex problems of our times.

Intrigued? Meet us at the ‘Apply to CEU’s graduate programs’ session organized by the Educational Advising Center Moldova and Central European University, and get all your questions answered about our degree programs, application process, scholarships and career opportunities.

When: January 12, 5.00 p.m. (Chișinău time)
Where: Facebook Live @CentrulDeInformatiiUniversitare

If you would like to receive updates about the event, please register here:

- Zsuzsa Papp | Central European University
- Carolina Bertazolli | LLM in Human Rights | CEU
- Timur Naushirvanov | Master of Public Administration | CEU
- Olga Rusu | Educational Advising Center Moldova/ Centrul de Informații Universitare

If you have any questions, please ask them in the 'Discussion' section of this event.

Looking for other ways to connect? Join the Facebook event at or contact EAC Moldova for personalized consultations.

See you at CEU!

CEU Student Recruitment Team

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