TEKEDU is hiring Alumni Coordinator for GirlsGoIT


TEKEDU is implementing the GirlsGoIT project with the aim to empower girls and young women and provide them with better education and career opportunities in technologies. GirlsGoIT is providing education opportunities for girls between 14 and 20 from Moldova and organises awareness raising campaigns to inspire more girls to pursue studies and employment in technologies.

About GirlsGoIT Alumni Association

GirlsGoIT aims at starting an Alumni Association with the goal to advance its programme reach through meaningful, lifetime engagement of its graduates and community members. Since the programme launched in 2015, our member base keeps growing, a minimum of 240 girls graduates GirlsGoIT non-formal education yearly. These graduates are currently or about advancing their education in higher institutions and careers in IT.

In 2021, we organised a design thinking workshop with ambassadors of GirlsGoIT and presented the ideal of GirlsGoIT alumni association, what it should do and how it can contribute to its members and community. As a result of the workshop, we identified 2 focus areas:

  1. Create an inclusive alumni association outreach activities visible and reachable to members of association, ggit community members, girls and women, by organising events that connect alumni locally, globally and virtually.

  2. Form Alumni interest group and member base and the association’s key point of contact. Obtain geographical listing of graduated participants of GGIT and create a database of alumni. Develop association’s bylaws.

View the report of the design thinking workshop.

Alumni Coordinator Profile

We are looking for the ideal candidate who can cultivate relationships and communicate with multiple stakeholders and has passion to build things from the ground up! Preferably, the candidate must have previously participated in GirlsGoIT education activities and have been an ambassador of the programme.

Description of Alumni Coordinator

Selected candidates will work and report to the Programme development and Communication manager of TEKEDU. The coordinator will take the ownership of coordinating the launch and successfully implement alumni’s association objectives.

Main duties and responsibilities


  1. Create alumni association bylaws which should entail rules and regulations of the association, how the association should form membership, board of directors of association and election etc This will be done in consultation with programme development and Communication manager of TEKEDU
  2. Coordinate the Alumni association planned budget

Alumni Database

  1. Create a database of graduates of GirlsGoIT since 2015. Create a bespoke presentation (ppt) of alumni association which will be used to communicate to graduates of GirlsGoIT about the launch of GirlsGoIT alumni association.
  2. Connect with graduates of GirlsGoIT by involving them to determine the features, criteria and key essentials for creating GirlsGoIT alumni database management system
  3. Create a competitive analysis of at least 5 different alumni database management system to identify 1 best suited alumni database management system for showcasing GirlsGoIT alumni
  4. Coordinate the setup of alumni database management system website and ensure graduates of GirlsGoIT profiles are listed in the alumni database management system

Events and outreach

  1. Connect with GirlsGoIT graduates by involving them to determine the needs and creation of offline and online events to be organised by graduates of GirlsGoIT i.e. Alumni for Alumni, Alumni for GirlsGoIT community and Alumni for girls and women in Moldova
  2. Coordinate and implement offline and online events suggested by graduates of GirlsGoIT and ensure the events are implemented together with alumni
  3. Coordinate the promotions of Alumni events on social media


What we offer:

  1. The position is expected to start from August to December 2022
  2. Paid position. Salary will be discussed during interview
  3. Hybrid or fully remote work with flexible working hours


To apply, send your CV to abayomi.ogundipe@tekedu.org with the subject “Alumni Coordinator” by 6th of August.

In the email, write the reason why you are interested in the Alumni coordinator position

Selected candidates will be interviewed. Expected start date is 20th of August.

Best of luck!

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