APIUS Marketing and Communication Specialist

  1. Introduction

These are the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the position “Marketing and Communication Specialist for The Light Industry Association from Moldova”. During the contract the Marketing and Communication Specialist will report to the Executive Director and will work closely with the Future Technologies Activity funded by USAID and Sweden as part of the strategic partnership for the upcoming five years.

II. Background information

The Light Industry Employers Association (APIUS) represents the community of local producers of clothing, knitwear, leather goods, footwear and accessories and is dedicated to the competitive development of the light industry, addressing the needs of the private sector, state support and the experience of similar professional organizations.

Moldova’s light industry is one of the largest exporters and key employers of Moldovan women, particularly in rural areas. However, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for companies to align recovery with long-term resilience through increased e-commerce, enterprise digitization, environmental standards and sustainability, and expanded marketing. Factories are struggling to reposition to premium EU buyers and achieve high-value services such as full product manufacturing and brand development. While the sector is the largest exporter ($391 million in 2021), digitization is sporadic due to low investment and lack of managers with export knowledge. Industrial waste is a major problem, with support needed to integrate circular economy concepts and green technologies across the supply chain and adapt to new consumer preferences for sustainable fashion and purpose-driven brands. Additionally, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 is likely to negatively impact exports to Russia, which made up 10% of Moldova’s exports in the sector.

USAID has been assisted the industry development since 2005 through APIUS and ZIPHOUSE strategic partnership which has been recently extended for another five years, through Future Technologies Activity Grants Support.

The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) is a five-year project financed by USAID and Sweden, and implemented by Chemonics International. The purpose of FTA is to enhance the competitiveness of Moldova’s transformative sectors, including light manufacturing, ICT, precision engineering, creative industries, and digital media production, and to improve the country’s integration with Western markets in these sectors. It will do so by facilitating sustainable partnerships between Moldovan business associations, centers of excellence and innovation, and similar institutions and anchor firms and regional and international business associations and investors; improving the productivity and export sophistication of local companies; fostering the introduction of green technologies and sustainable best practices; enhancing the access to affordable finance, and by creating a labor force that is better aligned with the private sector needs, especially for youth, women, and vulnerable populations.

III. Position Description:

This is a new development era for Moldova’s light industry that requires thought leadership and transformational initiatives across the entire value chain – from design to manufacturing and trade. The Project Manager and Community Member of APIUS will be coordinating together with APIUS  executive team the implementation of Moldova sustainable fashion industry roadmap, developed in 2021 with support from EURATEX, Europe’s largest textile association, which incorporates a current and post pandemic recovery model and the reinvention of the industry to align with digitization, sustainability, and fair-trade trends. In joint efforts with Light Industry team the Marketing and Communication Specialist will lead communications activities and will ensure APIUS promotion and visibility through all the channels, media and social media presence, but also will lead the communication and promotional online and offline campaigns of DININIMA fashion identity umbrella to ensure the sectorial and APIUS members visibility.

IV. Duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensures the integration of communications throughout all the APIUS activities
  • Develops a project-level or industry-level communications plans or communications mini-strategies around ongoing technical activities of the Association
  • Develops and supports the team’s efforts to increase the quantity and quality of media stories related industries programs, activities and events
  • Supports the project’s media relations efforts, including media coaching for the project’s spokesperson/spokespeople
  • Coordinates with Donors Representatives all relevant visuals and texts, publications, and communications for adherence to Donors Branding and Marking Guidelines
  • Develops project success stories and works on video success stories
  • Supports development of online materials
  • Develops and assists the team on talking points, speeches and presentations for events organized by the Association.
  • Develops programs/key events fact sheet to highlight flagship initiatives
  • Edits quarterly and annual reports developed by the project for public distribution
  • Writes success stories regarding members achivement and coordinates production of video success stories
  • Monitors press and saves media clippings for the project’s reporting purposes
  • Develops relevant awareness campaigns on social media, promoting the industry achievements
  • Develops industry visuals for promoting the association activities and results
  • Performs other duties as necessary or assigned

V. Skills and Competencies required:


  • Higher education in Media Communication, Journalism, Marketing or Design & technology and work experience of at least 3 years;
  • Knowledge of fluent Romanian and intermediary English. Russian is an advantage;
  • Advanced communication and presentation skills;
  • Knowledge of negotiation techniques;
  • Demonstrates dedication to the mission, strategy, values ​​of the Association;
  • Demonstrates integrity, fairness, honesty, transparency, independence and objectivity respecting the values ​​and ethical standards of the Association;
  • Demonstrated experience working effectively with various industry stakeholders including the private sector, academia, the Government of Moldova, donors, and others
  • Demonstrates respect and adaptability to differences in cultures, gender, age;
  • Full computer literacy;


VI. Institutional arrangements:


The Marketing and Communication Specialist will report to the Executive Director and will work in close coordination with the APIUS team and FTA coordination team.

VII. Application process:


Personal CV, including information about past experience in similar assignments and contact details for referees (at least 3);

The application package shall be submitted electronically by 20.07.2022, to the following e-mail address: office@apius.md titled in the message as “Marketing and Communication, [applicant’s name]”

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