Logistician Facility officer for Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion




Facility Officer




Logistics Manager






Béatrice PEREZ, Emergency Technical Advisor

Maxime THARRUM-DOMTINET, Finance & HR Manager


General Mission

Reporting to the Logistics Manager, the Facility Officer contributes to ensure the efficient management of the concerned services in Moldova (areas under Chisinau Office). He or she is the point person for the Logistics Manager in Facility, stocks, equipment, and fleet and as such informs him or her of any problems that fall within his or her remit and suggests solutions.

He/she ensures the elements of base level logistics support effectively the activities of the programs.  He/she will be required to coordinate the logistics activities by being in support and in close collaboration with the project and the support staff in an efficient manner (quality, cost and delivery) while contributing in planning, transport of goods and management of stock as well as fleet and premises management.

He or she is a key player in the rollout and implementation of HI’s logistics standards, which consists in reworking the positioning of logistics at HI and affirming the professional development principle.


Mission 1: Standards and expertise


  • Implement Emergency Preparedness and Response’s logistics part
  • Ensures compliance with and application of HI standards for his or her entire professional field with regard to policy, processes and tools
  • Ensures internal control in his or her fields of activity
  • Provides capacity building to internal stakeholders on his or her fields or activities
  • Guarantees compliance with and the application of internal rules, the rules of institutional donors, and country regulations in his or her fields of activity;
  • Reports on incidents and their treatment to his or her line manager.
  • Participates to HI external representation activities related to supply chain in the area
  • Helps define the program’s purchasing strategy

Mission 2: Premises Management


  • Ensure the good condition and continued maintenance of offices and accommodations
  • Ensure the continuous availability of gas, drinking water, stationary, consumables and other welfare items in the office and accommodations
  • Maintain comprehensive inventory of HI items (furniture, electrical appliances, etc…) within the premises and keep it up to date
  • Follow-up on HI property lease agreements expiration dates and report it to the supply manager for the renewal
  • Continually update the accommodation board and organize arrival / departure with his/her team
  • Ensure the management of expatriates & visitors accommodation in a cost efficient manner
  • Report on the relevance between office size, location, etc…and the HI need
  • Carry on research of premises according to the need and make proposition
  • Ensure and oversee the opening of new offices if required
  • Ensure preparation of weekly CMC (Contract Monitoring Chart) is updated accurately and forwarded to the Logistics Manager
  • Ensure archiving is compliant and secure.

Mission 3: Equipment and stock management


  • Ensure the respect of HI (and donor if required) stock management procedure
  • Manage regular monthly inventory for the stationnary, consumables, equipment stocks in the base, prepare PSR for replacement of stock
  • Ensure the security and the follow up of the equipment used on the mission (identification, inventory, affectation) in collaboration with the Supply Officer
  • Ensure the security and the follow up of the communication and IT equipment (and supplies) on the mission (identification, inventory, affectation)
  • Ensure preparation of monthly EMC (Equipment Monitoring Chart) is updated accurately and forwarded to the Logistics Manager.

 Mission 4: Vehicle management and maintenance


  • Ensure the respect of HI (and donor if required) vehicle management procedure
  • Manage the planning and allocation of vehicles for staff movements
  • Supervise the general follow up of the base vehicles (consummation checks, movement planning, vehicle rental contracts, etc.)
  • Ensure a regular maintenance on the different vehicle of the base, setup appropriate maintenance contract with supplier or ensure an appropriate repair process with local technicians
  • Define the more relevant means of transport for goods delivery and process the administrative formalities related to (by road, by plane, by boat, etc.) national, regional and international in a rapidly shifting context
  • Ensure the VMC (Vehicle Monitoring Chart) is accurately prepared and forwarded to the Logistics Manager monthly

Mission 5:  Reporting


  • Ensure standard reports (CMC, EMC, VMC, Stock Reports) are completed timely and accurately for the Logistics Manager
  • Participate to the monthly situation report by providing relevant data related to his/her position to the Logistics Manager

Mission 6: Ethics and Professional Practice


  • Show professional ethics, respect and promote Handicap International mandate
  • Respect the Handicap International protection of children policy and protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policy and report to your line manager any non-respect of HI’s policies amongst the teams or partners
  • Respect the Handicap International policy and mechanisms for the prevention of, and fight against, FRAUD and bribery and report to your line manager any non-respect of HI’s policies amongst the teams or partners.

Responsibilities may evolve as per programmatic needs and adapting to local circumstances. It is expected that the position holder will perform any other duties as required by the Line Manager that are commensurate with the position.







E   Degree in logistics management  (2 years of higher education)   

E   Qualification in the field of logistics (2 years of higher education) 

E   High analytical and logical capacity


Experience (type and amount of experience) :

E   At least 1-year experience in the storage (NGO or private company) 

E   At least 1 year experience in the fleet & premises & Equipment managements

E    At least 1-year experience in managing a team 

E   Experience in an international NGO is a plus

E   Previous experience with HI

Skills (knowledge, abilities required for the position, refer to skills repository document) :

E   Good level in reading, writing and speaking English

E   Proficient: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

E   Good level in IT & Software

E   Being capable of helping team members to plan and review the drafted plans

Personal qualities:

E   Autonomy and ability to work in a team 

E   Public relations skills 

E   Real motivation to work in the humanitarian sector

E   Easy to calculate.

E   Ability to follow instructions and to be a member of a team

E   Flexibility

E   Strong attention to details

E   Good organizational skills

E   Practical, dynamic and solution oriented

E   Good capacity to withstand pressure and manage stress


Salary: 14 000 MDL -18 500 MDL

Duration of Contract: 2 months with possibility of renewal

All interested candidates should send their CVs, cover letters, copies of educational and experience certificates, with attachments bearing your full name; example: Julie NASH – CV (for your CV) and Julie NASH - Cover Letter (for your cover letter) with the subject of the position applied for by email only to: m.recruitment@hi.org


Closing date for applications May 27th 2022