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Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert for the EU-funded project "Strategic Communication and Support to Mass-media in the Republic of Moldova"

Are you a person with solid experience and good personal contacts in the media field in the Republic of Moldova? Do you speak fluently English, Romanian and Russian? Do you possess very good analytical skills and good verbal and written communication skills? Are you familiar with the EU assistance in Moldova and up to date with domestic political events? If so, please apply for the role of the Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert for the EU-funded project "Strategic Communication and Support to Mass-media in the Republic of Moldova".

The general responsibilities of the role include: generating a wide and diverse media coverage for EU-funded assistance projects in the Republic of Moldova; support in organizing media events related to EU assistance in Moldova; coordinating and supervising media monitoring activities; analysis of the media impact of EU assistance in Moldova; maintaining a list of key contacts in the media field.

Details available below.

Interested persons are asked to send their CV to the e-mail address: by February 12, 2021.


Qualifications and Skills

  • University degree in PR, communication or journalism, or a related field; Masters’ Degree is an asset
  • Full computer literacy
  • Excellent knowledge of the media sphere of country
  • C1 level knowledge of English, Romanian and Russian

General Professional Experience

  • At least 10 years of professional experience working in the media arena
  • Experience in delivery of trainings

Specific Professional Experience

  • At least five years of experience comprising the analysis of the political context in Moldova
  • Experience with the analysis of EU‐related issues is an asset


Job Description:

The Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert is responsible for ensuring a wide and diverse media coverage of the activities of the EU-funded projects in Moldova and of the tangible impact of the EU assistance to the country. He / she performs regular media analyses, coordinates and supervises media monitoring activities related to EU assistance to Moldova.

Key tasks: The professional responsibilities of the Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert include:

  • Ensuring wide and diverse media coverage for other EU-funded projects and for EU assistance to the Republic of Moldova in general, through:
  • Proposing / suggesting / recommending to media organizations stories related to activities and tangible impact of EU-funded projects
  • Providing information and contacts to media organizations to facilitate quick and accurate documentation for the recommended stories
  • Proposing, designing, and organizing events (field trips, briefings, study visits, press conferences, interviews etc.) for media
  • Designing and coordinating dedicated media campaigns
  • Organizing competitions / contests for journalists
  • Generating media coverage at national, regional, and local level for the activities, events and campaigns organized by the StratCom project through:
  • Organizing media briefings and press conferences
  • Writing and disseminating media advisories and press releases
  • Proposing media visits at Europe Café
  • Providing support to EU Delegation by generating media coverage for events organized by EUD
  • Coordinating and supervising media monitoring activities to reflect and analyze the media coverage of news specifically related to EU assistance projects in the country
  • Coordinating and contributing to ad-hoc, targeted reviews of media coverage of specific EU assistance events/activities organized by the EU Delegation, as well as public events attended by members of the EU Delegation
  • Performing periodically (once a year) a thorough analysis that provides an accurate and up-to-date mapping of existing media (traditional and online)
  • Proposing and regularly updating, on the basis of the thorough media analysis, a media distribution strategy for StratCom and for other EU-funded projects
  • Profiling individual media organizations, per specific requests of the EU Delegation and / or EEAS Task Force Brussels
  • Creating and regularly updating a database of key media contacts
  • Contributing to the preparation of campaign plans with specific proposals for media relations materials and media coverage of specific events
  • Reviewing communication materials uploaded on DigiTool
  • Contributing to generating content for postings for the StratCom and EU Delegation social media presence
  • Reviewing and editing media related materials (success stories, articles, video spots, documentaries etc.)
  • Reporting on media indicators achieved by the StratCom project, contributing to the regular and ad-hoc reports of the project. Undertaking other duties relevant to this role that may be assigned by the Team Leader

Deliverables: Media analyses; Databases with media contacts; Media distribution strategy; Media monitoring bulletins; Media materials

Author: StratCom Moldova

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