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Consultant on Human Resources (HRs) and in employment contracts at the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova

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Consultant on Human Resources (HRs) and in employment contracts at the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova


The EU funded project “Technical Assistance to Support the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova” (ParStat) is seeking high-qualified national applicants for the position of an Expert on Human Resources (HRs) and in employment contracts to support the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova in setting up institutional mechanism for human resources development and  in defining recruitment procedures on NBS staff according to the national legislation.

The EU funded Project is a Service Contract managed by the EU Delegation to Moldova and implemented by a consortium led by the Italian Geographical Society in partnership with the National Institutes of Statistics of Italy (Istat), Poland (Statistics Poland), Denmark (Statistics Denmark). The project’s partner institution is the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova (NBS).

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) faces a shortage of skilled staff in both subject-matter statistics as well as in the assisting areas such as in ICT, and in administrative-related functions as well. One of the reasons is that NBS is unable to pay competitive salaries which are sometimes lower than in other central public administrations like line ministries, but also there are other obstacles like staff promotion or a defined strategy to attract young skilled staff. NBS has not enough incentives in place to enhance staff retention and reduce turnover and employee performance is not reviewed frequently, and new performance goals are not set. No specific procedures have been defined to start contracting, also on a non-permanent basis, motivated and young resources with a view to train them and absorb later in the Institute as permanent employees.

Because of lack of budget and of HR specialists in NBS, there is not enough investment of effort and resources in training, or internships programmes, that is supported financially. At the same time there are professional skills that must be taught and learned at the NBS since the national educational system does not form enough professionals on areas needed at NBS. Consequently, there is a high rate of staff flow, especially of young and junior professionals that after gaining some basic experience leave the NBS for better payed jobs.

The above mentioned challenges faced by NBS may be alleviated by investing efforts in the development of a recruiting program together with a performance-based HR maintenance plan that will also offer clear promotion prospects of young professionals combined with a continuous training program. This aspect is very linked to the need to develop a recruitment strategy and to look into the details of contractual issues in line with the national legislation of Moldova for both, permanent and non-permanent staff, including the staff involved in field operations for data collection.

For instance, a roster of field staff is used for conducting the Household Budget Survey (HBS) and Labour Force Survey (LFS), and a different one for the surveys on small agricultural producers, and the two would probably need to be integrated in a single roster, with clear and defined contractual mechanisms that would ensure quality on the statistical data collected and motivation for the hired staff.

Job position:                                

No. 1 Expert on Human Resources (HRs) and in employment contracts


National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

Duration of the consultancy:

10 working days in total from December 2020 to February 2021

Starting date of the consultancy:

1st December 2020 (indicative)

Contract type:

Individual contract for consulting services based on monthly timesheets

Contracting authority:

EU funded Project ParStat

Method of payment:

Based on satisfactory performance and deliverables of implemented phases


Qualification and skills:                                

-   University degree in Law, or relevant discipline

-   Experience in the Moldovan juridical or financial framework and contractual procedures for HRs

-   Experience in HR policies and strategies

-   Excellent verbal and written communications skills

-   Fluent in Romanian, Russian and English languages (minimum B2 of the European Language level, CEFR).

Professional experience:

-   At least 10 years of professional experience relevant to the assignment

-   Previous work on juridical or financial aspects of government bodies of Moldova, relevant for HR management and employment contracts made by public bodies

-   Experience and knowledge of HRs and contractual aspects related to official statistics are considered as an asset.

Other skills:

-   Ability to take the initiative and work independently under the guidance of the NBS and the ParStat project

-   Proven ability to deliver high quality results

-   Prioritise actions and tasks, meet tight deadlines

-   Ability to work under pressure.


Activities, expected results, deliverables, and implementation approach

The main planned activities are:

  • Review and analysis of existing procedures, practices, experiences available at NBS versus actual practices compared to the situation in other National Institutions
  • Drafting procedures for human resources recruitment and management
  • Discuss and support NBS to approve policy rules and contractual procedures for human resources.

The main expected outputs and deliverables are:

  1. Situational analysis of the status and inventory of the HR procedures, rules and tools available within NBS
  2. HR strategic vision and roadmap/action plan
  3. Set of recommendations on policy rules and procedures for human resources management developed (training, motivation, performance management, building competencies, etc.), also based on the comparative analysis with other national central administrations.
  4. Legal advice on contractual procedures and standards to apply to NBS staff for salaries and payments, in particular for contracted staff in data collection operations.
  5. Set of templates of contracts for permanent and non-permanent staff to be recruited by the NBS.

The consultant will work jointly with the staff of the National Bureau of Statistics and will report to the NBS General Director and the team leader of the ParStat project.


Application Process

This job application is open to individual experts.

Job applications must include:

  • English Curriculum Vitae in Europass format complete with a recent photo (
  • Motivational letter in English (two pages maximum) signed by the applicant, explaining the compliance with eligibility criteria for the post applied and motivation. The letter should include a proposed expected fee rate in euro for working day. The expected rate should include all costs for the consultancy.
  • At least two references (including contact information of the signatory - phone number and e-mail address).

The above documents and information shall be sent by e-mail only to the technical secretariat at and by 30 November, 2020, 20:00 Chisinau Time.

After the above deadline, no applications will be accepted, and any request of information will be ignored. Application emails exceeding the size of 5 MB will be not taken into consideration.


Please note that the candidates must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on. Candidatures from civil servants or agents of the NBS (who are currently employed or have worked in such a position until a date less than six months from the application deadline), will not be considered for the posts. Any false statements or documentation provided by applicants will result in the termination of the consultancy.

The successful candidate will sign individual contracts as service provider for consulting services. It will be her/his sole responsibility to comply with all legal requirements ruling in Moldova for self-employment or consultant as well as to cover all related taxes, charges and health-related costs if any.


Selection Process

Only the candidates included in a short list will be invited by e-mail for an interview to be held at the NBS premises in Chisinau, or online. The shortlist will be defined based on the curricula vitae, motivational letters, examples of achievements, and references provided by the candidates. The interviews may include practical exercises.

The selection process will be conducted by a selection panel composed by representatives of the NBS and ParStat project. The selection panel may decide not to select any candidate.

For any inquiry related to the application process, please write to: and

Author: Dana Popa

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