Call for an Expert or a research team to carry out a policy research called Disproportional development of Moldovan regions

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Terms of Reference (TOR)


policy research on a topic “Disproportional development of Moldovan regions”.


The following research activity is undertaken in the framework of the project “Solution Journalism and innovative content approaches in online media” implemented by AGORA in partnership with ASIST with a financial support offered through Media Sustainability Program by the US Embassy in Moldova. Among others the project aims to engage AGORA and ASIST in the resolution of a set of the most significant social problems in Moldova by sustaining media advocacy campaigns in the problematif fields. This study will be used by ASIST and AGORA as an information trampline to spot the most ardent sectorial problems, to agregate them and generate popular support  by engaging a larger public in disucussions held around the the potential solutions identified by the research group.

Consequently, the aim of this policy study is to identify solutions on how to alleviate the formulated problem of Disproportional economic development of Moldovan regions.

The policy research is expected to include: (The presented structure can be reorganised. Other relevant elements can be added upon need)

  • The problematic – problem description. Description of the problem derivates (subproblems) Can be presented in a form of puzzle, policy debate, lit review or other form.
  • Formulate clear research questions, and explain how these questions will be addressed in the study (at least 5 subproblems to be addressed)
  • Identify the research methodology (There is no need to collect primary data. Desk research is enough) and the data used for the current study (Available reports and information can be gathered online. The study does not need advanced quantitative or qualitative analysis)
  • Present the problem history (shortly) How the problem has been approached will be discussed in the next subpoint. 
  • Present the problem frameworks
    • Legal framework
    • Local public authorities involved in problem solving
    • International public authorities involved in problem solving
    • Existing projects (short review)
      • Positive outcomes 
      • Drawbacks 
  • Come up with potential working solutions (with measurable steps to be undertaken) 

– please specify what positive impact will have the proposed solutions. Please bring relevant innovative examples and solutions implemented in other development programs/countries, …

    • Actors to be involved/excluded
    • Improvement of the legislation (be specific) 
    • Targeted financial or nonfinancial support
    • Targeted involvement of the expert community
    • Involvement of the international stakeholders
    • Civil society involvement or other…
  • Present the study limitations 


Please note, this paper will spot the problems exclusively for the sake to identify the best solutions.

Timeline: 45 days 


The policy research will be implemented in 3 stages. Each individual stage should be validated by the project team. The expert will answer the project team comments before moving to the next stage in case of major questions, and will approach them in the next submission stage in case of minor aspect. The feedback will be given in the same day.


Volume: the study can range between 20 to 25 pages (between 10,000 12,500 words)


Royalty: the expert will be remunerated for his work with 1000 USD (brut). The author tax of 12% will be deducted from this amount.

The applicants are invited to submit the following documents:

  • CV, that reflects sectorial knowledge, research and writing experience
  • A short, maximum 5 sentences, problem outline.

The interested parties should send their applications by September 15, 2020 to the e-mail [email protected]. Please title your application: Disproportional development of Moldovan regions_study.

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