Expression of interest for a series of constructions to endow with the photovoltaic plants several public buildings

Expression of interest for a series of constructions to endow with the photovoltaic plants several public buildings

To the interest of all eligible Construction companies and Contractors interested in implementing construction measures/for endowing three public buildings with Photovoltaic (PV) Systems in Chisinau city center.  

Following the efforts undertaken by the Government of Moldova to build the resilience of its institutions, including the challenges pertaining to the potential energy crisis, the BMZ and EU co-funded Project “Strengthening the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova” (ACT), implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ, is planning to support the partner institutions by providing systems for sustainable energy supply.

As a response to the current energy crisis the Republic of Moldova is confronted with, the Project will provide systems for sustainable and independent energy supply (photovoltaic systems) for the system relevant anti-corruption institutions to enable them to continue their operations in the event of power shortages and in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner.

GIZ Moldova is interested in contracting eligible Construction companies and Contractors that qualify to implement one or several Lots/projects of construction and to endow three public buildings with PV for the objects specified below. All activities are to be implemented in the framework of the project “Strengthen the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova”.

The technical design documents to specify selected measures and to define required volumes of work have been conducted by the partners and/or GIZ.

The project consists of the following planned construction and renovation works (incl. the required construction materials):

Up to four Lots (two in Chisinau, Balti, and Hincesti):

  • Maximum four national public buildings in
    • Two in Chisinau city center
    • One in Balti
    • One in Hincesti
  • Maximum capacity per system up to 100kW
  • Construction period autumn 2023 with finalization in December 2023
  • Work required for the installation of the PV systems and partial reinforcement of the roof and access

All construction and renovation works are to be executed according to Moldovan legal provisions in the field of installing PV systems.

PV-Systems shall be produced in the below list of countries:

  1. EU countries
  1. States in the course of pre-accession to EU: 1)  Albania

                                                                                   2) North Macedonia

                                                                                   3) Montenegro

                                                                                   4)  Serbia

                                                                                   5)  Turkey

  1. East-partnership countries:      1) Armenia

                                                            2) Azerbaijan

                                                            3) Georgia

                                                            4) Republic of Moldova

                                                            5) Ukraine


Construction works are expected to be performed and completed in December 2023.

Technical documentation and Bill of Quantities will be provided to companies shortlisted as a result of this Expression of interest process.

The tender will be split into up to four Lots. Companies may apply for one or several lots.

Requirements towards interested applicants and documentation to be provided (for eligibility assessment):

  1. Official letter expressing interest in the tender announced, as well as specific type of works/lot(s);
  2. Company profile including number of employees (at least 7 persons) (permanent/temporary in total) and number of professional staff qualified to perform the works, with at least one licensed specialized under contract;
  3. The chief site supervisor must be authorized by MIRD and should have 10 years of relevant experience.
  4. List of similar works performed within last three years, minimum three projects, showing the detailed volume of works and the total amount of contracts implemented under direct contracting with a minimum amount of the contracts 50,000 EUR;
  5. Company data including company legal name, full address, contacts (phone, email); name and contacts of the person responsible for the application submitted.
  6. Copy of the company Registration certificate in the RM or Extract from related State Registry.
  7. Average annual turnover of min. 150.000 EUR. When bidding on multiple lots, financial capacity must be confirmed.
  8. Staff list and CV of key staff Team Leader and site manager

The contractor shall be able to provide by his own means the needed construction materials, infrastructure, resources, and technical equipment to implement the construction works as specified above.

 Application process

Interested applicants shall submit their Expression of Interest (EoI) along with the set of documents mentioned above to the following email address:  and no later than 20.09.2023 at 15:00 (GMT+2). The subject line must be clearly marked as follows:  “Expression of interest for a series of construction to endow with the photovoltaic plants several public buildings”.

 Important Notes:

  • Only applicants fulfilling the requirements listed above will be considered for further tendering processes;
  • This invitation shall not be treated as an obligation of GIZ to further commit contractually and/or financially with any of the applicants submitting and EoI;
  • GIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EoI(s) or cancel the tendering process at all, without having an obligation to inform the affected interested applicants of the reasons for its decision.

Documents or information outside of that requested above will not be considered and, thus, duly rejected to be assessed as part of the application(s)