UNICEF LRPS-2023-9181871 Provision of event management services supporting the organization of the event Children's Day in Ungheni city

UNICEF LRPS-2023-9181871 Provision of event management services supporting the organization of the event Children's Day in Ungheni city

UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for Provision of event management services supporting the organization of an event Children's Day in Ungheni: EU sarbatoresc copilaria! on 1 June 2023 in Ungheni city.

Based on the concept and guidance provided by UNICEF Moldova the company will provide full cycle support for the smooth organization and running of the event, including:  

  • Develop a scenario for the event with detailed descriptions of activities, customer journey, necessary equipment and consumables.
  • Design and production of visibility materials for the event according to EU4Moldova guidelines
  • Promotion of the event on the appropriate channels for the best engagement at the most cost-effective cost.
  • Procurement of materials necessary for the successful implementation of the event, including logistics (including installation and de-installation of equipment).
  • Ensure on-sight moderation and facilitation services at 12 thematic zones
  • Production of post-event promotional materials.
  • Produce final report on the activity.

 Qualifications and experience:  

-Contractor must be a reputable logistic or/and event management company with prior 5 years of experience in organizing and successfully conducting cultural and sport events;

-Contractor must have community/youth mobilization experience;  

-Contractor must guarantee timely and qualitative delivery of products;  

-Contractor must have the ability to work under pressure and enough flexibility to adjust to UNICEF needs and expectations.  


Bid Submission Deadline: 20 April 2023 11:00 (EET)

Bid clarifications. Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by e-mail to Cristina Dorogan at cdorogan@unicef.org. The deadline for receipt of any questions is Thursday, 18 April 2023, 17:00 (EET).

Questions Clarification file, will be periodically updated by adding the questions from bidders/answers from UNICEF for your information and published at the link bellow.

The official address for e-mail submission is: chisinautenders@unicef.orgno other UNICEF e-mails in cc.

Proposals should be submitted in 2 separate e-mails: Technical Proposal and Request for Proposal for Services Form (page 3 of the LRPS-2023-9181871) in one e-mail and another separate e-mail for the Price Proposal.

E-mail subject should contain the number of the Request for proposals LRPS-2023-9181871.

For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1.2 Instructions for proposal submission page 5-6 from the RFPS document.

For more details on deliverables and minimum requirements, please refer to Terms of reference (ToR) Annex B inclosed in the RFPS document published at