FES selectează autori pentru elaborarea studiului „Tinerii în Republica Moldova”

Fundația Friedrich Ebert Moldova anunță concurs de selectare a unui autor/unei autoare sau a unui grup de autori pentru elaborarea textului studiului „Tinerii în Republica Moldova”, care este parte a studiului regional „Tinerii din statele Parteneriatului Estic și Rusia”. Vedeți mai jos termenii de referință și cerințele de aplicare.

Terms of Reference for Authors of Country Reports

FES Study „Youth in the Eastern Partnership and Russia“

Country Report - Republic of Moldova

  1. Background

The "FES Youth Studies" is an international youth research project that has been conducted in several countries in South-eastern Europe and Eastern Europe, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Russia, as well as in the Eastern and Central European countries Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in the Baltic States Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The central aim of these studies is to identify, describe and analyse the attitudes and behavioural patterns of young people in contemporary societies. The youth studies follow a standardized methodology based on the Shell Youth Study and incorporating elements of the World Value Survey.  For an example of a FES youth study please see: http://library.fes.de/pdf-files/id-moe/15269-20190411.pdf

In 2022, FES Headquarters and FES Country Offices in Ukraine, Russia and the Republic of Moldova, as well as the FES Regional Office for the South Caucasus representing Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will publish studies on the situation of young people aged 14- 29.

In 2022, these (in total 6) country studies, that describe the life and opinion of young people in the respective countries, as well as a comparative study for the entire Eastern Partnership Region and Russia will be written and published. The studies will be the first basis for an interregional comparison with the above-mentioned regions.

The studies will be based on qualitative and quantitative data collection, which will be carried out in 2021 (November) and 2022 (February) and will be written in national languages by country authors. They will later be translated into English.

Both the focus groups and the survey will be carried by our partner institute R-Research Institute, based in Oxford. R Research will work very closely with the FES Headquarters and the participating FES Offices in Kiev, Moscow, Chisinau and Tbilisi. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of researchers from the University of Mainz, the University of Maribor and the Center for East European Studies (Berlin).  Authors of the Country Reports will be included into developing and testing the quantitative survey. They will also be part of the below-mentioned consortium.       

      2. Objectives and main areas of the research

The aim of the studies is to learn about the attitudes and values ​​of young people in the Eastern Partnership Region and Russia.

This means to analyse the attitudes and values ​​of young people and make them describable. Their behaviour in society as well as their personal experiences, goals, family and non-family relationships, as well as their attitudes towards politics and leisure time are to be examined.

The research will cover a.o. the following topics:

- Personal reality of life as well as personal attitude to and measures in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic

- Political attitudes and attitudes of young people towards democratic values ​​and culture

- Attitudes and wishes concerning political participation

- Attitudes and wishes towards climate policy

- Influence of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the change of system on today's life

- Attitude to emigration and personal emigration prospects

- Opinion on international politics, geopolitics and the European Union

  1. Scope of the contract and timeframe for 2021 and 2022

The author(s) of the Country Report will be part of the consortium of FES Country Offices, Headquarters, R-Research and the Advisory Board (as of October 2021).

They will be included in the adjustment of the (partly) standardized quantitative survey questionnaire. This will entail to suggest 10 country specific questions and coordination with the above-mentioned consortium. This will be done through email exchange and a 1-day online workshop in October (date to be defined).

The focus groups are taking place in November 2021.The qualitative data will be available in the form of transcripts, recordings of focus groups and a coded report by the end of 2021.

The quantitative survey will be carried out in February 2022. The quantitative data will be available as a set of SPSS data and country reports containing tables that demonstrate major results by the end of February 2022.

In early March, a 1,5-day workshop of the consortium will take place as a basis for the author(s) to write their country reports. A first draft of the Country Reports shall be prepared by 31st May 2022 to be discussed with the FES Country Offices - the final version shall be prepared by 30th June 2022.  The length of the report shall be 30 pages.

Tender requirements

Authors or teams of authors (up to 4 persons per country) who wish to apply for this contract should apply with a draft concept and a timeline with milestones of the analytical and writing process, having the above-mentioned dates, research topics, methodological specifications and the length of the report in mind. The author(s) should also send a price offer and references of earlier similar research projects and publications.

In their offer, applicants should indicate the amount of work that will be carried out in 2021 and the amount of work in 2022, as two separate contracts shall be concluded for each year.

Applications shall be submitted by 5 October 2021 the latest to the email address fes@fes-moldova.org

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