UNDP / RfQ 20/02164 Green Cities / Procurement and installation of smart meters - 4 lots

Dear Sirs / Madams

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for the Procurement and installation of smart meters - 4 lots.

The deadline was extended until 27 November 2020, 16:00 (Moldova local time)

Quotations may be submitted on or before 24 November 2020, 16:00 (Moldova local time) via e-tendering system to the address below:


Username: event.guest

Password: why2change

BU Code: MDA10 and Event ID 0000007848

Once uploaded, Bidders that have accepted the invitation in the system will be notified via e-mail that changes have occurred. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to view the respective changes and clarifications in the system.

Please Consult e-Tendering Resources for Bidders for additional information on bidding:


It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Quotations that are received by UNDP after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation. 

More information can be found in the link: https://sc.undp.md/tnddetails2/2164/

Supporting documents:

Request for Quotation 
Annex 1 Schedule of Requirements 
Annex 2 Submission Form 
Annex 3 General Terms and Conditions 

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