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Terms of Reference for Conducting an analysis for development of the CMA Module as an extension to existing PHC IT System (SAI AMP)

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Terms of Reference

Conducting an analysis for development of the CMA Module as an extension to existing PHC IT System (SAI AMP)

General Overview

The Healthy Life Project (HLP) is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in Moldova. The overall goal is to contribute to the improvement of the health status of the Moldovan population, especially in rural areas, through the reduction of the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The Project supports 10 pilot raions and works to achieve the following three outcomes:

Outcome 1: National health authorities create an enabling policy environment for decentralized and integrated management of NCDs

  • Outcome 2: The population in target districts has access to and uses quality integrated care, including outreach services, related to NCDs
  • Outcome 3: The population in target districts has improved its healthcare seeking behavior and reduced its NCDs risk behavior

Specific Context

The HLP is providing support to the MoHLSP on developing the normative framework for organisation and functioning of Community Medical Assistance (CMA), in context of integrating services at the community level for better care of people with NCDs. A Working Group (WG) was established having as members representatives from primary health care, public health, social assistance, health and social academia, NHIC, UN agencies, NGOs and key criteria for the role, working procedures and tools of CMA were established.

One of the main objective of the CMA is to actively determine the general health care needs of the high risk (of disease) population and of the vulnerable groups in order to ensure access to resources, services and facilities in an integrated manner with social services, NGOs, etc. and direct support of the local public authorities (LPAs). Establishment of a common understanding for wellbeing elements as a base for identification and intervention was necessary as part of draft Regulation. The CMA will have the responsibility to assess and register initial information related to health of population, preferably in existing health IT system, extending attention to the elements of general wellbeing. At the moment Family doctor team is keeping a Register of served population (Register no.166/e), that is proposed to be transferred under the CMA responsibility. Based on identified situation CMA will classify population and will play his role in planning and managing necessary intervention and referral, including involvement in common case management with community social worker (CSW) and extended multi-disciplinary community team.  

At the level of working procedures, the project is considering possibility to establish coordination of involved actors for intervention in complex cases, within the integrated community units/centres, having as a core team strengthened CMA as well as CSW.

Consequently, sharing information across sectors, shared databases with peoples’ needs and medico-social responses is a major need for this approach and is currently underdeveloped. 


The main goal of this consultancy is to conduct an analysis on development of a CMA Module as part of the Health Informational System (SIA AMP) and a mobile APP for CMAs, with possibility of sharing/ data exchange/ common introduction of data with Social Sector Informational System (SIAAS).


  • Analysis report on development of CMA Module as part of SIA AMP and mobile APP for CMAs that will include description of the technical needs, stages, costs related to the development and implementation and necessary changes in legislation.
  • Presentation of the analysis report within the validation meeting with representatives of WG on CMA.
  • Adjustment of the report based on received comments.

Requested qualification:

  • Advanced professional degree in Informational Technology, or other related fields (Master Degree or Bachelor degree combined with at least 10 years of relevant experience) is required;
  • At least 10 years of proved relevant work experience in the field of Informational Technology, is required;
  • Experience of working with medical healthcare informatics systems (SIA AMP);
  • Knowledge of social informational system (SIAAS);
  • Experience in managing development and implementation of medical information systems (hospital, primary healthcare, laboratory);
  • Experience in integrations between medical system and other sector systems;
  • Experience in integration with eGov services;
  • Experience in managing cloud based information systems;
  • Excellent writing skills, are required;
  • Fluency in Romanian, as well as working knowledge of English is required.
  • Excellent computer skills (especially MS Office applications) and ability to use information technology as a tool and resource, is required.

Interested consultants/ organizations are invited to submit the CVs of key staff as well as a financial offer for the above-mentioned services outlining 1) experts fees; 2) costs of training logistics.

Deadline for submission: 23 March 2020.  

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