Youth Exchange "Back to Nature"

Between 22 and 28 of August, 2012 , within the Youth in Action program , took place the Youth Exchange ‘BACK TO NATURE. It involved 4 organizations from several European countries which work in the field of youth and environmental work. 21 participants from Latvia, Ukraine, Italy and Republic of Moldova joined the youth exchange. It was the evening of  21th of august, when we, positive young people from four different countries- Latvia, Ukraine, Italy and Republic of Moldova, met together in Garmaki , Vinnica, Ukraine ,to start a 7 day trip of adventures, green thinking and exchanging cultures. The first way together led us to beautiful wooden cottage in Garmaki. Nice atmospheres, great landscape, smiling people around were like inspiration for attractive, interesting and social communication activating get to know games. These were the first steps to find out names of everyone.

The second day started with team building oriented activities. They helped us create bonds, exercise our team skills and be more open with the others. There were intellectual, interactive, outdoor and indoor games, which were at the same time entertaining and motivating. Some of the activities were also quite unique, for many people it was the first time trying out some of the challenges. But that wasn’t all , the next came intercultural evening, where we presented our countries by tasting traditional foods and drinks, singing traditional songs and learn something new about other cultures. This day was a great beginning of youth exchange, new friendships and making our planet greener.

Every day one participating organization made a presentation and practical workshops using the method ‘learning by doing’ that are the best for presenting games and activities from environmental education. They used the principle of ‘learning from each other’ to exchange ideas, experience and best practices from environmental education through workshops prepared by each of the organizations taking part in the youth exchange. During these activities each organization presented its best practices, the most effective methods they use in their work with youth (for example: environmental and educative games, various outdoor activities). The aim was to transmit the most successful and inventive practices to other organizations and to improve and vary the everyday work of the youth NGOs.