Rezultatele rundei din 15 iunie – Programul de Granturi pentru Democratie

ONG-uri semifinaliste:

  1. Institute od Advanced Economic Development Initiatives
  2. Independent Journalism Center
  3. Pro-Nova
  4. Medium
  5. Pro Generation
  6. Student Alliance of Moldova
  7. Institute of Advanced Economic Development Initiatives
  8. Center for Communty Development and European Initiatives

ONG-uri ale caror proiecte au fost respinse:

  1. Interaction
  2. Compasiune
  3. Information and Business Development Center PROECO
  4. Pro Humans
  5. National Youth Council of Moldova
  6. Organisation for Participation and Transformation
  7. Agency for Local Development Leova
  8. Broadcasters Association AICI Network
  9. Apollo Association for Culture Development and Authors and Related Rights
  10. Association for Community Development CIVICUS
  11. Today’s Children – Tomorrow of Moldova
  12. Press Agency Media Pres Grup SRL
  13. Organization for Social Cooperation and Development
  14. Habitat Agency for Regional Development
  15. Center for Journalistic Investigation
  16. Tighina Volunteer Center
  17. Ecology of Soul and Body
  18. North Faith
  19. Patriot
  20. Caritas
  21. Modern Woman
  22. Avintul
  23. Environmental Movement of Moldova
  24. Sports Club Nica
  25. Dialog, Center for Information and Consultation
  26. Non-Governmental Organization DEDRA
  27. Perspective of Life
  28. Faclia- Association for Children and Youth
  29. Hope and Health Association
  30. Parents and Teachers  Association  from village Pepeni
  31. Center for Ethnic Integration of the Republic of Moldova
  32. Solidarity Water Europe in Moldova (SWEM)
  33. Institute of Health and Medical Social Assistance from Moldova
  34. Community Justice Center from Ungheni
  35. Pro-Art Ungheni
  36. SalvaEco Association


Posted: 2011-07-22 13:47:14

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