Farmer-to-Farmer looking for volunteers from Moldova

Volunteering opportunities with the Farmer-to-Farmer Program

The USAID-funded John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program is a volunteer program which provides technical assistance to farmers, farmer groups, agribusinesses, and other agriculture sector institutions in developing and transitional countries to promote sustainable improvements in food security and agricultural processing, production, and marketing. The main goal of the program is to generate sustainable, broad-based economic growth in the agricultural sector through voluntary technical assistance. A secondary goal is to increase the U.S. public’s understanding of international development issues and programs, and international understanding of the U.S. and U.S. development programs. In Moldova, the F2F program efforts are focused on two value chains: Organic Agriculture and the Dairy/Livestock sector.

To date, F2F volunteers have all been U.S. citizens and permanent residents. During the pandemic, USAID has authorized F2F program to have paired assignments, where U.S.-based volunteers work virtually with a local, in-country volunteer. The focus of these assignments will be developing the content of pocket guides and (if possible) infographics on subjects related to Organic Agriculture. 

In general, the guides will be primarily written for farmers and entrepreneurs of organic agribusinesses. Secondarily, the guide should also be useful for those who facilitate the development of such businesses, including NGOs, consultants, and business development services. A third target group would be students, who are willing to improve their knowledge in the area of Organic Agriculture.

The main objective of the assignments is to develop the content of three pocket guides with infographics on the following subjects:

  • Pocket Guide/Infographic Content Development for Cultivation of Organic Vegetables in greenhouses including crops such as lettuce (e.g., iceberg), and herbs, e.g., parsley, dill, green onion, and basil;
  • Pocket Guide/Infographic Content Development for Organic Berry Cultivation in Greenhouses and Tunnels, including crops such as strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and sea buckthorn; and
  • Pocket Guide/Infographic Content Development for Organic Horticulture Production including stone fruitssuch as plum, peach, sweet cherry, and apricot.

The volunteers (local from Moldova and U.S.-based) will work with one host organization, providing support on specific needs identified by the host. A brief Scope of Work orients the volunteers to the host organization and the types of assistance requested.  

The F2F program will pay for a visit to a private laboratory to obtain a COVID-19 test. Additionally, in case of travel outside Chisinau, the following are provided: transportation, accommodation, and a modest daily per diem. 

This consultancy is a part-time assignment (subject to 10 hours per week) and expected to begin in March 2021 and the contract duration is estimated for a period of three months. 

What we offer: 

  • Opportunity to work with high-level experts from the US.
  • Possibility to enhance your history work with experience with several international donor organizations.
  • Local volunteer endorsement on the developed guide (your name on the authors ‘list).
  • Farmer-to-Farmer references for future job applications.


  • University degree in Agriculture, or similar field of study;
  • Experienceworking with farmers specifically in organic agriculture;
  • Knowledge in horticulture, vegetable production or berry production;
  • Experience in developing concise informational materials for farmers, experience developing infographics preferred;
  • Knowledge of English is highly desirable, but if not, F2F program can provide a qualified interpreter who can work with the local volunteer during the assignment;
  • Strong writing and oral communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills;
  • Flexibility and strong work ethics.

Candidates shall submit a short description of the experience in related jobs and a detailed CV in Romanian or English by email, in MS Word or PDF format before March 12, 2021 by 24:00 (GMT+2), to

 Important Note: This is not a paid assignment, it is based on volunteer support.

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