Smart Trainings on Entrepreneurship at Smart Caffe of State Agrarian University of Moldova

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Dear students and graduates,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the call for SMART Trainings on Entrepreneurship is now open!

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but struggle to find a solid idea to transform into a business, or you do have starting ideas or creative potentials, but you lack skills and resources to realize those potentials?

Maybe you need a creative and supporting team?

Do not miss your chance to join the SMART Trainings on Entrepreneurship, the team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers who will share knowledge, expertise and resources to help you to expand your activities, your ideas, move to the regional or even global market.

During the SMART trainings you can learn proven tools of how to generate validate startup ideas and get first paying customers.

The trainings have been designed specifically for those who don't have any previous experience in starting or managing businesses.

We will teach you all the details that a start-up leader needs to successfully lead a company.

All you need is to register for the SMART trainings on Entrepreneurship.

The trainings are implemented within the frame Erasmus+ CBHE "SMART" project (Fostering University-Enterprise Cooperation and Entrepreneurship of Students via Smart Caffes).

We encourage you to activate your profiles so that you can continue to benefit from training and information material.

For more information about the project please visit,

✅ Date: 15.02.2021

✅ Venue: online

✅ Working language: Romanian

✅ Register at

For additional information, please contact:

1.Mrs. Elena Simciuc, Institutional Coordonator of SMART project at SAUM – mob.079596344, e-mail: [email protected];

2. Mrs. Svetlana Petrașcu, specialist Departament of international relations, SAUM – mob. 069581003, e-mail: [email protected]

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