Women’s Political Leadership Programme

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What Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy offer:

  •  Advanced training in communication, strategic planning  and leadership
  • Swedish mentorship including an individual two-day study visit in a Swedish municipality or region
  • International exposure to different political experiences
  • An opportunity for your municipality to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Who can apply: Elected women politicians (currently in office) in a local/regional government from the eligible countries (see above).

Expectations of Participants:

  • Must be able to understand and communicate well in English
  • Must have approval to participate in all aspects of the 12-month programme from your local authority
  • Active participation in the workshops and completion of assignments between workshops (journals, reports)
  • Be in good health in order to participate and travel internationally
  • May not have taken part in any previous ICLD   training programme
  • Adhere to the ICLD Code of Conduct, which includes no discrimination, harassment or corruption
  • Openness to experiencing new cultures and ideas
  • Willingness to try different tools and methods to achieve change in yourself and in your local authority 

How to Apply:

The application must be submitted before August 24, 2020 through the online application form found at ICLD’s website.
Applications will be reviewed by the ICLD selection committee. We aim to create a group that includes both majority and opposition politicians and a diversity of ages and experience. ICLD trainings are open to all that are eligible, irrespective of physical ability. Upon acceptance to the programme, you will receive a confirmation letter with further details. Please note that all communication will be conducted through the primary e-mail listed in your application.

Closing date for application: August 24th, 2020.

Details: https://icld.se/app/uploads/2020/05/Womens-political-Leadership-programme-2020_2021.pdf

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