Schoology and Edmodo- free learning management systems for enhancing the learning experience with technology

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Moldova Reconnect invites all English language instructutors to join a free webinar in English about "Schoology and Edmodo- free learning management systems for enhancing the learning experience with technology"

Registration deadline: Friday, July 24th 2020, 18:00
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Zoom link will be send via your email after submitting the registration form.
The overview of the event:

The pandemic we're in the midst of has pushed us to think about education differently and has made us look for creative ways to implement distance learning.

Join us to learn about two online platforms that can help you organize your classes. Schoology and Edmodo, free learning management systems (also academic social media networks) offer everything you need to transform traditional classes into blended learning initiatives or create, manage, and administer online courses. Send messages, share class materials, grade, create quizzes, and discussion threads- do all these in one spot.

Spearker profile:
Doina Morari - Fulbright Program alumna, PhD student studying TESOL and World Language Education at the University of Georgia.

About Moldova Reconnect:

Moldova ReConnect is a new model of alumni participation and engagement to cultivate a spirit of civic responsibility for the communities from which alumni come. A program supported by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and coordinated by the American Councils for International Education Moldova.

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