Today! English Meet U.S. | Pathways to a Clean and Secure Energy Future

America House invites you to take part in an informal discussion about the issues related to securing a clean and sustainable energy future in Moldova.

The discussion will focus on the core issues and concepts surrounding the challenges related to developing countries, with a particular focus on Moldova. 

While there are numerous challenges to the envisioned future, there are pathways for doing so.  

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The guest speaker, Dr. Michel Curtis, Energy Team Lead at USAID, will approach the topic from a non-technical perspective and through an interdisciplinary perspective that combines the social, political, environmental, and economic perspectives. 
More info about the speaker: Michael Curtis is an energy and development expert and is a Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government where he teaches a graduate course on International Development and Energy Policy. Dr. Curtis is leading a large energy program for USAID in Moldova and previously has led similar programs in Central Asia, Pakistan, and other countries in the developing world.