Thematic workshop organized in the context of the European Green Week 2020

A thematic workshop was held within the BOND project on 27 October 2020 in the context of European Green Week 2020. The event addressed collective actions to encourage young people to become actively involved in the cultivation, growth and processing of medicinal plants and aromatic. During the event, were applied the tools developed within the LAB Experiment organized in the Republic of Moldova during February - September 2020.

During the workshop, were combined the theoretical presentations and practical tools for recognizing the different medicinal and hetero-oleaginous plants located on the territory of the Scientific Center for Cultivation of Medicinal Plants of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Moldova, Nicolae Testimițeanu, located in Bardar village, district Ialoveni.

During the practical workshop, Mrs. Lucia Ușurelu, BOND project manager, presented for the participants a complex information regarding the working tools developed within the project in over 3 years, among the most important, we list:

  • Creating bridges between organizations, people and farmers' associations;
  • Association and cooperation - Collective activities;
  • Development of social capital - people (employees);
  • Encouraging young people to involve actively in the agricultural sector, especially in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The event was also attended by Mr. Prof. University in the field of technological chemistry, Bobeică Valentin, Mr. Victor Melnic, Doctor of Biological Sciences and Mr. Ungureanu Ion, director of the Scientific Center for Cultivation of Medicinal Plants of USMF.

Other topic of discussion durring the event was the favorable geographical position and the pedoclimateric conditions of the Republic of Moldova, which contribute to the development and growth of over 3600 species of superior, spontaneous and cultivated plants, of which only 10-12% are used by traditional and scientific medicine.

During the socializing and bonding breaks, the participants had the opportunity to taste for the first time natural teas from different types of native medicinal plants that have the role of strengthening the immune system and help strengthen the body for the cold period of the year. Participants appreciated the aroma, taste and color of natural teas, appreciating the taste qualities compared to teas produced industrially.

The event was attended by 29 young people, farmers and students who want to research the field, to start a business in this sector or already working as farmers.

The event was organized in partnership with the Moldovan Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Producers (AROMEDA).

The BOND project received funding from the European Union's Research and Innovation Program, Horizon 2020, under Financing Agreement no. 774 208.

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