Exploring Cultural Diversity Using Traditional Games in Armenia

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  • Organisation: YouthMix
  • Location: Dilijan, Armenia
  • Deadline for application: 5th of October 2019
  • Start of project: 02/11/2019
  • End of project: 13/11/2019



The main aim of the project “Exploring cultural diversity through traditional games” is to unite the youth who encounter Geographical, financial and social privation from rural and remote areas of 8 different countries; Norway, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. 40 young people will get together during 10 day exchange project. The project will allow focusing on the emergency of providing necessary cultural awareness to rural young people who can further fight raising radicalism, discrimination and hate speech in Europe, making it a safe place for cultural diversity, tolerance and peace.  With this initiative we aim at improving peer to peer learning among participants, providing safe, informal environment of self-expression, likewise encouraging each participants’ involvement in project conception, preparation, organization, and assessment. We do think, that national games are a unique tool for self-expression and cultural education, that doesn’t require any prior competencies and can insure involvement of every person despite of his/her education, gender, religion, race, etc.


  • To increase participants’ consciousness of European multiculturalism, cultural values and tolerance;
  • To foster mutual understanding,intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and solidarity, between young people in different countries;
  • To increase participants’ awareness about partner sates’ national games and their educational/cultural elements;
  • To transfer national games into open access non- formal learning tools;
  • To explore the possibilities of the Erasmus + program as a tool for cultural education and mobility;
  • To identify the competencies that can be obtained through European non-formal learning projects and their certification by Youthpass;
  • To view opportunities of Erasmus + program from mobility, cultural learning, and non-formal education angles, etc.


Our target audience is young people aged from 18 to 30 with a focus on 18-25 age group:

  1. Who are facing social, economic and geographical obstacles (at least 2 participants per group);
  2. Who are interested in the topics of traditional games, cultural and intercultural learning, peacebuilding;
  3. Who show a big motivation for participation and are available for the whole duration of the Youth Exchange,
  4. Who are residents of one of the participating countries: Norway, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Spain, Romania and come from rural/remote areas.
  5. Who can communicate in English.

Each partner country should be represented by 4 participants and 1 group leader. There is no age limit for the group leaders.





Kalinini street 12/1, 3903, Dilijan, Armenia





Participants will be accommodated in double/triple rooms. They will be provided with 3 time buffet food and 2 coffee breaks per day. The hotel provides bedsheets and towels as well. We strongly ask group leaders to inform host organization about participants’ special needs, such as allergy, special diet, food, etc. A separate menu will be prepared for vegetarians.

Please note, that organizers are not responsible for participants’ accommodation, food and transport for extra days both before and after the project dates .




Accommodation, food and travel costs are covered.

Apply by sending us your CV and Motivation letter (with the subject of your email as “Youth Exchange Armenia”) by 4th of October on advit_team@yahoo.com

For any questions or clarification feel free to contact us

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