Partial scholarship for 2021-20211 Academic Year at QSI International School of Chisinau

Apply for a scholarship for your child to attend
QSI International School of Chisinau

QSI International School of Chisinau from the QSI schools launches the call for partial scholarships for studies starting with the 2019-2020 school year for Moldovan students aged 5 – 16 years. Applications could be found:

This year QSI Chisinau offers up to 8 scholarships that will make tuition competitive to other private schools in Chisinau (up to $7 000). These scholarships are for Moldovan students that would like to study in a school with American program, English as the study language, American teachers and a different teaching system.

QSI schools are different than traditional Moldova schools because they have:

  • Scoring systems equivalent with the American system
  • American curriculum
  • English as the language of study
  • North American qualified teachers
  • Friendly student – teacher partnership
  • Warm and welcoming school community
  • Graduation diploma equivalent to a high school from USA
  • Small class sizes (4 – 12 students)
  • QSI graduates can continue their studies at universities worldwide (100% of QSI graduates are accepted to international universities)
  • Interaction with students all other the world (each year we have students from about 20 different countries)
  • Engaging after school activities such as: robotics, computers, coloring, storytelling, outside games, board games, cooking club, piano, etc.
  • QSI Chisinau’s relaxed environment promotes the learning of necessary abilities to apply for university and life
  • Possibility of school busing for the students (additional payment)

Virtually every five-year-old comes to school eager to learn. The mission of Quality Schools International is to keep this urge to learn alive in every child in QSI schools and provide a quality education for all students. QSI learning principles are based on Mastery Learning and Success Orientation: Independent Endeavor, Kindness/Politeness, Aesthetic Appreciation, Trustworthiness, Concern for Others, Responsibility, Group Interaction. 

QSI International Schools is a non-profit organization founded in 1971, opening schools in over 30 countries. QSI Chisinau was opened in 1996, and it is located next to a large park in the Buiucani district. Currently there are 12 classrooms; a library; an art room; a doctor’s office; a cafeteria; a gym with basketball, volleyball and tennis courts; and a spacious outdoor play area with a soccer field.

The applicants will pass an internal selection, which will be followed by an interview with the parents. Up to 8 students will be selected, and the school will cover a substantial part of the tuition fee for each year of study until  graduation.

Who can apply: any child aged 5 – 16 years, English knowledge is not mandatory, it will be learned during the first year of study.

Application period: 22 February - 15 March 2021.

Apply here:

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