International Consultant for Conducting Feasibility Study on heating systems’ automation and control systems in future housing blocks (M/W)

International Consultant for Conducting Feasibility Study on heating systems’ automation and control systems in future housing blocks (M/W)

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Published on : 2024/05/31


Mission description

Pursuant to this Terms of Reference, Expertise France intends to contract an international consultant for conducting a Technical and Economic Feasibility Study on implementation of automation and control systems for the heating systems in future housing blocks.

The primary goal is to determine the viability of these technologies in terms of cost, technical compatibility, sustainability, and potential impact on energy efficiency.

Scope of Work:

With the support of a local consultant, the international consultant will be responsible for:

ü  Conducting comprehensive market and technical research to identify the latest technologies in automation and control systems suitable for future residential housing blocks in Moldova;

ü  Analyzing the economic implications, potential energy savings, and environmental benefits of implementing these systems;

ü  Engaging with stakeholders, including government bodies, technology providers, and construction firms to gather insights and validate feasibility assumptions;

ü Preparing detailed reports outlining the findings, recommendations, and implementation frameworks for the study;

ü  Elaboration of a Technical and Economic Feasibility Study report for implementing automation and control systems for heating in future housing blocks in Moldova.

ü The study will contain a series of specific measures in terms of ensuring the implementation in future housing blocks of automation and control systems that have the following specific functionalities:

ü  continuous electronic monitoring, which allows measuring the efficiency of heating systems and notifying owners or administrators/managers of buildings in the event that the actual efficiency of the system has significantly decreased compared to the rated efficiency, as well as in the event of the need to carry out system maintenance;

ü  Effective control functionalities to ensure the optimal production, distribution, storage and use of energy.

The estimated workload for the international consultant shall correspond to maximum of 35 man-days.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The international consultant will be tasked with:

-          Data Collection: Lead the exercise related to gathering relevant data on existing technologies, cost indicators, and regulatory frameworks. This also includes surveys, interviews and field visits as necessary.

-          Analysis and Modeling: Utilize analytical tools to simulate the integration of automation and control systems in housing projects, assessing both performance and cost-effectiveness indicators;

-          Stakeholder Consultation: Facilitate meetings with key stakeholders to ensure alignment of the project objectives with national energy policies and residential needs;

-          Report Development:  Drafting of interim and final reports, in accordance with the proposed deliverables, ensuring they include detailed analysis, methodologies used, and preliminary findings. The final report should provide robust guidelines for implementation, potential risks and strategic recommendations.

Expected Deliverables:

For the envisaged feasibility study, the consultants’ team (international and national) is expected to deliver:





Deliverable 1. Initial Assessment Report: Outlining the current market landscape, technological options, and preliminary feasibility assessment;

August 2024


Deliverable 2 Detailed draft Feasibility Study report: Draft comprehensive report, including technical specifications, cost-benefit analysis and implementation strategy

September 2024


Deliverable 3. Stakeholder consultation of the draft FS report and its review

September 2024


Deliverable 4. Final Technical and economic feasibility study of implementing automation and control systems for heating in future housing blocks

October 2024


Project or context description

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has launched a program of Technical Assistance (TA) to support the Moldovan Government in continuing the energy reform. Expertise France (EF), the French public agency for international technical assistance, was entrusted by the AFD with the implementation of the project. As part of several commitments undertaken by Moldova in pursuit of its accession to the European Union, the country is engaged in an in-depth reform of its energy sector, including operational, financial and structural aspects. The Technical Assistance (TA) aims at supporting the Ministry of Energy for the development of a modern legal framework with a special focus on supporting and strengthening the Public Institution National Centre for Sustainable Energy (NCSE).

In October 2023, the new Law no. 282/2023 on the Energy Performance of Buildings was approved, which aims to create the necessary legal framework to promote the improvement of buildings energy performance. It considers climatic conditions, indoor climate requirements, cost-efficiency and through the implementation of public policy documents and measures to enhance energy performance. The law establishes minimum energy performance requirements and mandates the certification of building energy performance. It also ensures that owners, administrators, managers, or potential buyers/tenants are informed about the energy performance class of buildings.

One activity mandated by this law is the development of two studies to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of implementing automation and control systems in future housing blocks, as specified in Articles 27(8) and 29(8).

These proposed studies will explore the feasibility of implementing advanced HVAC automation and control systems in new housing blocks. These systems are expected to significantly contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability in the residential sector, aligning with national efforts to stabilize Moldova's development trajectory amid current challenges.

In this context, Expertise France within the framework of the Moldovan Green Transition Technical Assistance Facility project, in supporting the National Center for Sustainable Energy of the Republic of Moldova, seeks to recruit seeks to recruit one expert with a strong international experience, and one expert with an excellent knowledge of the local context and a strong local experience, who, working as a team, will evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of implementing heating automation and control systems in future housing blocks in Moldova.

The team of consultants will work under the supervision of the Expertise France Team Leader in Moldova, within the framework of the Technical Assistance Program granted to the Moldovan Authorities as indicated below in the project and context description, and in coordination with the Deputy Director National Center for Sustainable Energy of the Republic of Moldova.

Required profile

-          Education: University degree in engineering, preferably in automation, electrical, or mechanical engineering;

-    Skills: Strong analytical skills, proficient in data analysis software, excellent communication and stakeholder engagement abilities. Fluent in English. Romanian and/or Russian language proficiency would be an asset;

-       Minimum Experience: Candidates must possess at least five (7) years of relevant international professional experience in the field of energy efficiency, particularly within the automation and control systems sector. Experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of HVAC systems in residential buildings is highly desirable.

-          Study development: Demonstrated experience in development of feasibility studies.

-       Technical Expertise: Proven track record in applying technical knowledge of automation systems to improve energy efficiency in buildings, including at detailed design stage. Experience in utilizing modern technologies and methodologies to achieve sustainable outcomes in the housing sector.

-          Consultancy Experience: Previous consultancy roles that required strategic planning, feasibility analysis and detailed reporting on technical projects. Experience working with international agencies or projects funded by international donors will be considered an asset.

-     Sector Knowledge: Deep understanding of the EU energy efficiency standards in buildings. Familiarity with the Moldovan energy sector's regulatory and market environments and energy efficiency standards in buildings would be advantageous.

Additional information

Management Arrangements:

The consultants team will report directly to the Team Leader of the Moldovan Green Transition Technical Assistance Facility project and collaborate closely with the National Center for Sustainable Energy (NCSE). The consultants are expected to work independently, but coordinate regularly with project stakeholders. All deliverables must be reviewed and approved by the Team Leader and NCSE.

Additional information

  • Duty station: Remote work and trips to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Assignment duration: up to 35 working days (June 2024 – October 2024)
  • Type of contract: Individual contract (IC)

Documents to submit:

  • CV, putting in evidence the relevant experiences for the mission and references
  • Financial proposal specifying the requested all-inclusive daily rate.
    Note: the international consultant will be entitled to the Expertise France standard travel to duty station fees to be paid additionally to the daily rates, subject to prior approval. It is not necessary to include it in the financial proposal.

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria :

  • Candidate’s training/diplomas related to the expert assignment
  • Candidate’s skills linked with the expert mission
  • Candidate’s experiences linked with the expert mission
  • Candidate's knowledges related to local context (country or region intervention)

Deadline for application : 2024/05/31 23:55

To apply, please, follow the link: