EED Country Consultant - Financial Reports Assessment

Job description


The European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is a grant-making organisation which has been established by the European Union Member States, and the European Union institutions to foster and encourage democratisation and deep and sustainable democracy. EED has been established as an independent private law foundation with its seat in Brussels.

While EED statutes do not foresee the setting up of any regional offices in the countries that fall within the scope of its geographical mandate, EED has a network of consultants in key countries, to help provide the EED Secretariat support in assessing financial reports submitted by grantees.

Roster of Experts

EED is specifically looking for consultants that are based in Moldova. Consultants will be contacted when a suitable assignment arises. Assignments for consultants on the roster may be between 5 and 30 hours per assignment, depending on the specific report being reviewed. Consultants may be offered a number of assignments per month, depending on the demand and needs of the EED Secretariat.

Specific tasks includes:

  • revision and assessment of financial reports submitted by beneficiaries as part of EED grants by verifying their correctness and compliance (calculations, completeness of supporting documents, eligibility of expenses etc.) with the approved budget and all contractual stipulations;
  • providing financial coaching to EED grantees, to facilitate grant financial management and preparation of financial reports.


The consultant shall meet the following requirements:

  • at least 3 years of proven full-time professional experience in the administrative and financial management/assessment of projects and/or programmes addressed to civil society;
  • demonstrated track record in grant-making and/or administering/assessing contractual financial and technical reports;
  • thorough knowledge of English and local languages (Romanian and Russian). Knowledge of other languages of the countries of the EED mandate would be an advantage;
  • solid ICT skills, with high proficiency in Microsoft Excel;
  • high level of precision, with an eye to detail;
  • ability to keep full confidentiality about all assigned tasks and related documentation as well as able to exercise confidentiality, discretion and tact when dealing with diverse groups of people;
  • ability to develop strong coordination with EED in-house staff;
  • provide references as to the suitability for the performance of duties.


All applicants must be able to issue an invoice for services to EED.

Freelance individuals, people attached to an existing consultancy firm or NGOs are equally eligible to apply. Prospective consultants may also be contacted for a written test.

Please submit your CV (Europass format preferred) including a cover letter and contact information for two referees.

The cover letter must indicate a proposed hourly fee rate and explain the legal status of the individual (or associated company) and confirm they are able to issue EED with an invoice for services.

Applications should be made online using “Apply for this job” on this page.

After successfully submitting your application, you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application.

The applications will not be returned to candidates but will be kept on file by the EED for when a suitable opportunity may arise. The information provided in the applications is subject to EU legislation on protection of personal data and confidentiality of information.

This call for consultants is open until November 15, 2019 at 12 midnight Brussels time.

Relevant applications may also be considered before this deadline.

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