Update: UNICEF Moldova LRPS-2023-9186990 Study on the Inclusion of Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) in Education

UNICEF Moldova LRPS-2023-9186990 Study on the Inclusion of Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) in Education



UPDATED 29.11.2023

The Q&A file with questions from the bidders and UNICEF answers can be accesed here: Q&A file


UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for an Institutional Consultancy to support MER and UNICEF in undertaking a Study on the Inclusion of Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) in Education


Purpose of the institutional consultancy

The purpose of this institutional consultancy is to assess the level of inclusion of children with SEN in the education system of the Republic of Moldova. According to the Education Code of the RM, special educational needs are educational needs of the child/pupil/student, involving schooling that is adapted to the individual's particularities or characteristic of a learning disability or disorder, and specific intervention through appropriate rehabilitation or remedial action. Beneficiaries of inclusive education are the categories of children who, for various reasons, are marginalized or excluded from the education process.

The study will:

- analyze the policies, procedures, and existing practices regarding inclusion of children with SEN in schools/preschool groups,

- assess parents’/caregivers’ attitudes/opinions regarding inclusion of children with SEN and compare the results with the data of the 2018 study related to the inclusion of children with disabilities (same methodology of assessments to be used),

- investigate the practices for evaluation of children’s learning outcomes, and determine their level of integration and learning achievements

The company is expected to be carried out within the period January-June 2024.


Objectives of institutional consultancy:

  1. Analyze the situation on inclusive education against national commitments reflected in national inclusive education frameworks and determine to what extend the planned national results are achieved
  2. Document successes and innovative approaches of national efforts as well as barriers and bottlenecks for successful implementation of inclusive education
  3. Analyze the situation of children with SEN, with specific focus on learning outcomes (selected sample of schools/pre-schools with high level of inclusion and low level of inclusion).
  4. Document and map the existing practices related to inclusion with particular attention to: best interests of the child, individual approach and child centered education, training of teachers/educators and support provided to parents, involvement and efficiency of support services and monitoring of situation of the integrated child, availability of quality teaching /sufficiently qualified professionals and adequate equipment and learning materials for such children in schools (selected sample of schools/pre-schools with high level of inclusion and low level of inclusion)
  5. Identify teachers’ and parents’ practices supporting or hindering inclusion
  6. Assess, based on the methodology and tools used in previous studies (2018), the teachers’, parents’/caregivers’, and pupils’ opinions about inclusion of children with special educational needs in regular classes/preschool groups and draw conclusions on perceptions
  7. Provide concrete recommendations for further policy review, capacity building of professionals, better support, monitoring and evaluation of learning outcomes for children with SEN


Qualifications and experience of the contractor:

  • Research/consultancy company with human/child rights and education profile (specialization in inclusive education is a strong asset)
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in research and consulting
  • Previous research/consultancy in relevant child rights/education areas (samples of previous work, copies of report summaries will have to be presented)
  • Previous work with UNICEF or other UN agencies is an asset


The submission consists of Technical and Financial Proposals, which must be completed, signed and returned to UNICEF Moldova as proposed in the attached Request for Proposals for Services (LRPS-2023-9186990) document.


Submission instructions:

  • Bid Submission Deadline: 7 December 2023 11:00 (EET/Moldova time), please note any Bids received after the Submission Deadline will be invalidated.
  • Bid clarifications. Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by e-mail to Cristina Dorogan at cdorogan@unicef.org. The deadline for receipt of any questions is 5 December 2023, 17:00 (EET/Moldova time).
  • The only official tender e-mail address for proposals submission is: chisinautenders@unicef.org, no other UNICEF e-mails must be cc-ed.
  • Proposals sent in 2 separate e-mails: one e-mail with Technical Proposal and another separate e-mail with the Financial Proposal.
  • No price information should be contained in the Technical Proposal.
  • Request for Proposals for Services Form (pages 3-5 of the LRPS-2023-9186990 document) must be filled and signed and included in the Technical Proposal e-mail/envelope.
  • Please pay attention: by answering YES to the Declaration statements (included in the Request for Proposals for Services Form) it means you didn't participate in the listed actions, by answering NO it means you did participate in the listed actions.
  • All Technical/ Financial Proposals files included in the email, no external links.
  • Proposals clearly marked with the RFPS number: LRPS-2023-9186990 in the e-mail title or on the envelope.
  • Validity period of the proposal - not less than 120 days.
  • Joint venture/consortium/subcontractor arrangements are addressed in the Technical Proposal.
  • Currency of the proposal- MDL.

For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1. Proposal Submission Schedule page 7-9 from the RFPS document.

For additional details on deliverables, technical and price proposal content and minimum requirements please refer to the Terms of References-Annex B enclosed in the RFPS document.

The RFPS document (LRPS-2023-9186990) is published at: https://sc.undp.md/tnddetails_un2/2774/