Request for Quotation - vehicle rental services

Request for Quotation - vehicle rental services

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) with funding from the various donors hereby request you to submit price quotation(s) for the services listed on the attached Bidding Form titled ‘RFQ No. DRC/MOL/2023/RFQ/SER0003 vehicle rental.

Request for Quotation Details

RFQ #:


Currency of Bid (3-letter code):


RFQ Issuing Date:

13 September 2023

Bid Validity Period (days):

45 days

RFQ Closing Date:

21 September 2023

Required Delivery Date:

September 2023

RFQ Closing Time:


Required Delivery Destination:

Chisinau, Moldova

Questions to the RFQ:

Required Delivery Terms:


RFQ Instructions:

Submission of Bid

You must submit one original of the RFQ Bid Form in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the RFQ number and the Bidders name. The bid can be delivered directly to the tender box, mailed, or delivered by courier services, or alternatively send by email to the following dedicated, secure & controlled email address:

In person, or by post, to the DRC address:  

 Danish Refugee Council Moldova

Str. Gheorghe Asachi 26/3

MD 2028 Chisinau

 All mandatory tender documentation is accessible on the following link:

  If submitted in person or by post in hardcopy, bids must be submitted in sealed envelope according to the following instructions:

 1.       Above-mentioned address of the Danish Refugee Council Moldova

  1. Reference number of this tender procedure: RFQ No. DRC/MOL/2023/RFQ/SER0003
  2. Name of the Tenderer

 The following documents with the compulsory RFQ Bid Form are to be submitted in the sealed envelope:

 1.       RFQ Form - signed and stamped by an authorized company representative.

  1. DRC Technical Bid Form for services Annex A.1. - completed, signed, and stamped by authorized company representative.
  2. DRC Financial Bid Form for services Annex A.2. - completed, signed, and stamped by authorized company representative.
  3. DRC Supplier Profile and Registration Form – completed, signed, and stamped by authorized company representative.
  4. DRC Supplier Code of Conduct - signed by an authorized company representative.
  5. DRC General Conditions of Contract - signed by an authorized company representative.
  6. Company’s Registration Certificate - issued by the relevant state authority.


 The sealed envelope must be deposited into the DRC Tender Box at the address stated on page one before the RFQ Closing Date and Time. It is the Bidders responsibility to ensure that the sealed envelope is deposited into the Tender Box.

Any Bids not received on the official DRC Bid Form, or in a sealed envelope may be disqualified for non-compliance with these RFQ Instructions.

All Bids received in pencil will be disqualified.


All Bids must include all customs and taxes payable in the country of delivery unless the RFQ specifically requests a Bid is other than DDP (INCOTERMS 2020).

All Bids must be in the currency stated on the RFQ Bid Form. Bids in any other currency may be disqualified.

DRC reserves the right to correct any incorrect calculations on the Bid Form.

 Validity of Offer

Your Bid must be valid for the ‘Bid Validity Period as stated on the Bid Form. Bids not meeting the Bid Validity Period may be disqualified. DRC will attempt to notify all suppliers of the outcome of their Quotations by 25 of September 2023.

 Evaluation of Bids

All Bids received and accepted will be evaluated on a ‘line item’ basis as follows:

 a)      Administrative Evaluation: Evaluated to ensure compliance with all the RFQ requirements and to ensure that all Bids and calculations are readable and acceptable.

 b)      Technical Evaluation: All Bids received will undergo a Technical Evaluation based on ‘best value for money’. Bids that comply with the requested items, specifications, and delivery conditions will be classed as ‘responsive’ (acceptable). Only Bids classed as ‘responsive’ (acceptable) will progress onto the ‘Financial Evaluation’. ‘Non-responsive’ bids (not-acceptable Bids) will no longer be under consideration at this stage.

 c)       Financial Evaluation: All ‘Responsive’ Bids will undergo a Financial Evaluation

 Contract Award

Under the ‘best value for money’ principle, DRC will award the contract(s) (DRC Purchase Requisition or Service Contract) to the ‘lowest responsive bid’ except where other considerations are warranted. These other considerations can be – total cost of ownership; cost of on-going consumables; price vs warranty; quality vs. price.

RFQ Enquires

All enquires and questions should be addressed to the email given in the RFQ Detail’s section! All Q&A’s will be shared with all invited suppliers.

 For inquiries and submission of RFQ, please contact us at

 Under DRC’s Anticorruption Policy, Bidders shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. DRC will reject a Bid if it determines that the Bidder recommended for award, has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, or coercive practices in competing for, or in executing, the Contract.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Chisinau, 13 September 2023