IREX Moldova: Deadline Extension for request for proposals on assessment of citizens’ tv content preferences in Moldova

The Creating Content Connections in Moldova project seeks a company that will assess TV content preferences of Moldovan citizens who are 30 to 45 years old and evaluate content’s impact on behavior and attitudes.


Conduct a national survey to assess audiences' TV content preferences and gauge the impact of TV content produced and broadcast with the Creating Content Connections in Moldova project’s support.

The study will include a broad survey of citizens and a series of in-depth individual interviews with relevant stakeholders. The study will assess citizens’ perceptions of the changes that have occurred in the local TV landscape and document changes (if any) in audiences’ content preferences.

Who is eligible to apply

Only officially registered companies are eligible to submit offers.


April 22, 2021, 17:00 (Chisinau local time).

How to apply

Download the request for proposals from the following link: Request for proposals: Assessment of citizens’ TV content preferences in Moldova | IREX

Offers should include technical and financial proposals. They should be submitted to with the subject line “Citizens’ TV content preferences assessment study.”

All proposal prices indicated in the financial proposal should be appropriate, quoted in Moldovan Lei (MDL), and indicate VAT 0%. The budget should not exceed 200,000.00 MDL.

The bidder should present the following documents:

  • A company profile, including an activity report with relevant examples of completed similar assignments performed during the last 2 years, a description of one assignment performed during the pandemic(up to 2 pages), and at least two references.
  • Portfolio with samples of relevant work, including work for nonprofit organizations, and CVs of proposed experts.
  • Description of assessment implementation, including but not limited to the stages of the study (review and pretesting of research instruments, recruitment and training of data collectors, data collection and processing methodology within current pandemic context, quality checking), proposed timeline with clear indication of the number of days allocated for each task/stage and person responsible for each step. 
  • Proposal submission form.
  • Financial proposal.
Author: Ana Stetchi

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