Tender no. 91139621 for the procurement of office furniture

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Tender no. 91139621

for the procurement of office furniture

The German Development Cooperation through GIZ is announcing a tender for office furniture.

For the complete Technical Specifications, interested bidders should address a request to the e-mail: tenders-giz-moldova@giz.de, indicating the tender number in the message title above.

Interested bidders are required to submit the following set of documents:

  • Offer, including all positions mentioned in the specification inclusive the transportation costs till the final destinations, calculated in MDL at 0% VAT (Offers containing other currencies will be disqualified) and goods delivery time. The positions offered do not have to comply exactly to the specification but have to be at similar quality level. Only one version of offer has to be submitted. All items are part of one single lot; the lack of quotations for some items will be treated as provision of incomplete offer.
  • Certificates of origin for the goods offered;
  • Short description/overview of the company experience and qualification;
  • Bidder’s information, including contact information and persons responsible for acquisition;
  • Copy of company registration certificate (registration in the Republic of Moldova), as well as other related licenses, permissions, and certificates;
  • Bank data including bank name, bank code and IBAN (MDL);
  • No-debt certificate from the Moldovan State Inspection or copy of the latest financial report.

All documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, showing the tender name and number (91139621) on it.

The applications shall be delivered to the address of GIZ Office Chisinau. (66 Bernardazzi St., 5th floor, left wing, Chisinau, MD-2009) not later than 17th June 2020, time 17:00.

Answers to the eventual questions can be obtained by writing an email at tenders-giz-moldova@giz.de

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